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Vacation camps : have you considered a football camp ?

Nowadays, there are vacation camps organised for all kinds of different activities and sports. From more traditional summer camps to tennis camps to mountain climbing camps, the choices can seem endless. Since football is the most popular sport in the world, it is unsurprising that many different types of football camps take place.

However, did you know that some of the biggest clubs in the world such as Real Madrid, Manchester City and AC Milan organise their very own football camps? These camps stand out thanks to their high quality, whether it be in terms of coaching, sporting facilities or program, and there are lots to choose from ! Keep reading to find out more about football camps.


What is a football camp ?

A football camp is the chance for your children to have the vacation of their dreams. With most taking place over the course of a week, I have identified three different main types of camps. The first type of camps are the high intensity football ones. These camps revolve completely around football, with the young players training in the morning and the afternoon, and are perfect for football fanatics. AC Milan’s football camp is a great example of this type.

The second type of camps are the language football camps. This is often an option that you can choose, and they combine football and language lessons so your child can improve in two different areas. Manchester City offer exactly this, with the option of having a language camp, combining 15 hours of training sessions with 15 hours of language classes.

The third type of camps are the tourist football camps. These will combine football training with tours, visits and excursions. Tours of the club’s stadium, visits of the town or city’s sights and excursions to theme parks are just some examples.

Of course, all the camps have a strong emphasis on football, and how to improve at football. The campers will be training under qualified coaches, who tend to be youth development experts, and your child will develop as a young footballer.

Who are football camps for ?

Just like the sport itself, football camps are for all young players, of all levels. Camps designed for 12 to 16 year old boys are probably the most common, but camps can be for all ages, even going all the way up to 21 year olds at the FC Porto camp in Valencia !

You may be worried if you have a daughter who is a massive football fan that there are not any suitable camps. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Firstly, most camps are open to girls and their experience would be the same as the boys. On top of that, some clubs organise camps exclusively for girls, such as Manchester City.


When are the football camps ?

Most football camps are organised for the summer or the spring. These two seasons are the best for football camps for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the players are more likely to be on vacation, but more importantly, the weather is ideal for football camps. In both spring and summer, there is virtually no risk of having to cancel a session because of weather conditions. In spring, the temperature is ideal and in summer, if the players stay hydrated, playing football in the sun is one of the best things in the world for any football fan.

Generally, the camps take place over one or two weeks, although there are camps that are both shorter and longer than these, so there will be options for whatever length of time you would like the football camp to be.

Where are the football camps ?

Considering how global the sport of football is, it should be unsurprising to learn that there are football camps available all throughout Europe and North America. Would you like your child to learn the art of football in the beautiful town of Paris? The PSG football camp is your pick. Would you like to accompany your child to the famous Big Apple and have a vacation for yourself while they train? The New York Redbull football camp is ideal. Would you like the football camp to take place in a high quality, professional training facility in a remote part of the Alps? The ICEF football camp is the perfect choice. With a large selection of other locations, you will certainly find the right football camp for your child.


What does an average day in a football camp look like ?

To give you an idea of what a football camp will be like, wake-ups will generally be between 7:30 AM and 9 AM, and after breakfast, the young players will have their first training session. This would take up the morning, and next would be a healthy lunch, focusing on being both nutritious and tasty. Next would either be another training session, a fun activity or language classes. Then, there will usually be dinner before evening entertainment and finally, bedtime. The campers will always have something to do, and when they sleep, they will be content and tired.

Is a football camp worth the money ?

football camps are not the cheapest option for a vacation, but what is being offered more than justifies the price. Training at La Masia with professional FC Barcelona coaches or in one of France’s top sporting centres is understandably not cheap and the whole week is carefully planned out to offer the most out of the camp. More importantly, making your child’s dream come true by helping them to play at their favourite camp is priceless.

Why choose a football camp ?

A football camp is one of those rare occasions where your kid wants to do something that will benefit them in many ways. Of course, your child will improve on the football pitch, learning a lot more about the game thanks to a coach who is likely to open their eyes to things they have not yet considered. In a similar vein, your child will also improve physically thanks to several hours of intense sport a day.

However, they will also improve a lot off the pitch. A football camp like this is the perfect opportunity for your child to learn how to live in a group environment, how to make friends, how to behave and much more. It is great for their social lives, and if you combine that with language lessons, then the camp will be not only great fun, but also very educational. What better place for your child to spend their vacation ?

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