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Is your child a football fan ? Does he ask you every summer to do a football camp ? Then it’s time to enrol them on our football camps in Malta.

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Why go on a football camp in Malta?

Going on a football camp in Malta can have several advantages. First, Malta is an island located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, with a warm and sunny climate throughout the year, which is ideal for outdoor football training.

Moreover, Malta has modern infrastructure for sports, with high-quality football pitches and top-notch sports equipment. Additionally, Malta is a popular tourist destination, with many hotels, restaurants, and leisure activities, which allows for combining intense training sessions with moments of relaxation and leisure.

Finally, a football camp in Malta can offer a unique cultural experience, with a rich history and impressive architecture, as well as local festivals and events to discover.

In summary, a football camp in Malta can offer a unique combination of favorable weather conditions, modern infrastructure, leisure, and culture, making it an attractive destination for football teams and individual players looking to improve their skills and discover a new destination

Malta, a developing football country

Malta is not considered as one of the most well-known football countries at the international level, but football is a popular and practiced sport in Malta. The Maltese football league is composed of two divisions, the Premier League and the First Division, and several clubs also participate in European competitions, such as the Europa League or the Champions League.

Malta also has a national football team that participates in the qualifications for international tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup and the European Football Championship. Although Malta has not yet succeeded in qualifying for a major international tournament, it has had success in regional competitions, winning the Games of the Small States of Europe several times.

In summary, while Malta is not considered as one of the most successful football countries at the international level, the sport is nevertheless popular and practiced in Malta, with competitive clubs and a national team.

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