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August 2024

Football Camp August 2024

Is your son or daughter passionate about football ? Do they support a team and closely follow their results, and their day is made or ruined based on the result ? If the answer is yes, then you must send them on an August football camp. It’ll be the vacation they have always dreamed of having !

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Why do an August football camp ?

August is the second month of the summer holidays, and it is often at this point that boredom starts to kick in and restlessness takes over. Kids, especially around the ages of 10 to 12 need stimulation and activity, and after a month of vacation already, it can be difficult to keep it fresh. If you find yourself in this case, then an end of summer football camp is ideal to keep your children busy, even after the camp is over thanks to the feedback coaches give each player.

Of course, August is also a lovely time to travel. The temperatures can get very hot depending on where you go, so travelling to the seaside or a place with a pool is lovely. If you enjoy relaxed vacations, why not accompany your child to the football camp and take the day-time to tan and relax by the pool, and spend the evenings with your family ?

August is a pivotal month for football

The August sunshine is perfect for football and allows players to develop their physical, technical and tactical skills.

Indeed, the repetition of effort in the heat helps players to improve their stamina and endurance, which is crucial for the rest of the season.

Indeed, August is synonymous with the resumption of the championships, and it is therefore very important that players are in top form in order to accumulate as many points as possible.

It is also a time when tactics are very important, as coaches need to have clear principles in place for their teams to be competitive from the very first days.

In addition, the weather conditions allow the players to train several times a day, and therefore to do many specific exercises aimed at improving the technique of all players, regardless of their positions on the field.

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