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December 2024

Football Camp December 2024

Does your son or daughter love football ? Are they excited to play whether it is sunny, cloudy, rainy or snowy ? If so, then help them make their dreams come true, and book a place at the December football camp of some of the biggest and best clubs in the world.

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Why do a December football camp ?

When thinking of booking a football camp, December may not be the first month that springs to mind. However, there are several reasons for why a December football camp is a great idea. Firstly, depending on which country you pick, it might a unique opportunity to visit it in the winter. Cities and countries are considerably different in summer and winter, and it is definitely worth seeing the December version of Paris and Barcelona to name just two.

As it is the build up to Christmas or New Year’s, there are also more things to do than in most other months. Christmas markets and fairs are always worth visiting, and the Christmas lights give places a magical aura. If you are taking your child to the camp, then you will have a great opportunity to discover a new Christmassy place. If you are not, then you can be confident that your child will have a fantastic time playing football, as everyone will be in high spirits because of the holidays.

December, the chance to hone skills and improve significantly

Indeed, December can be very cold and the conditions may not be ideal for a football match. However, they are ideal for training and improving. The advantage of training in bad conditions is that once you master a skill in those conditions, it should be easy enough to replicate that in good conditions, however mastering a skill in good conditions does not have the same effect for bad conditions. Players need to concentrate and not lose focus, which is again great practice.

On the other hand, December can also have great conditions for football. The sun does still sometimes shine, and when it does, it is a beautiful time to play football. The ball fizzes a lot in most winter conditions, which is great for practicing your touch and learning how to weight passes properly in different conditions.

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