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The 9 best Summer Soccer Camps in the world 2024

For most, summer is the best and most pleasant time to play soccer. The biggest international competitions in the world, like the World Cup and the Euros, take place during the summer. It’s also the time of the year when children have the most free time thanks to two months of school holidays.

Does your child love soccer? Would you like to send them to a summer soccer camp? Does your child want to prepare for the next season by doing a pre-season camp (supposed to have a link but no English article) and you are not sure where to send him? Are you looking for a fun and sporty way to keep your child engaged for a week because you are very busy with work and can’t take care of them properly?

Looking For Soccer, the go-to website for booking soccer camps all over the globe, has put together a selection of the best soccer camps in the world.

So, if you are looking for the perfect summer soccer camp, it is probably already included in our list. Let us guide you!

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Summer soccer camps


As time goes on, more and more of the biggest clubs are organising soccer camps. It makes sense: they might find some hidden gems amongst the campers, they can make some money and they can provide kids and supporters with an experience they will never forget.

Summer is the best time to do it, as the weather is fantastic, the kids need to be kept busy and everyone seems to be in a better mood.

What are the best soccer camps for the summer?

As parents, we always want the best for our children.

For the last few years, your child has been badgering you about the soccer camp that the best professional clubs in the world, begging you to let him go. You’ve decided that finally, in the summer of 2024, you will listen to them and send to a soccer camp.

But what are the best soccer camps during June, July and August? Here is our TOP 9!

If you are looking for a soccer camp in Europe, you can find all the details this page : Soccer camp in Europe


Stage IMG Etats-Unis

Recognized worldwide, and particularly in the United States, the IMG Academy stands as a prestigious sports institution that hosts camps in a range of sports, including soccer, for players aged 9 to 18. Situated on a luxurious campus with facilities on par with those of major professional clubs, the academy offers an ideal setting for skill enhancement. Featuring individualized sessions and position-specific training, IMG Academy’s soccer camps are crafted to help children reach their athletic aspirations.

What makes this camp exceptional?

  • The IMG Academy soccer camps are located on the west coast of Florida, in Bradenton, providing a beautiful beachside backdrop for your kids.
  • The coastal setting guarantees pleasant weather throughout the year, creating perfect conditions for your children to engage in their soccer camp activities.
  • Participants will have access to a cutting-edge gym furnished with the latest equipment, allowing them to concentrate on strength, conditioning, and cardio workouts.

Camp Characteristics:

  • Languages: English only
  • When: Summer only
  • Length: 1, 2 or 3 week
  • Modality: Half board and full board both available
  • Age: For 9 to 18 year olds
  • Level: All levels
  • Accessibility: For girls and boys
  • Location: in Miami, USA

Interested in this summer soccer camp for your child? Find out more about the IMG soccer camp.

Top 2 – The PSG soccer camp

Stage PSG Philadelphie

In recent years, Paris Saint Germain has imposed itself as the biggest, most influential French club in the world. Thanks to its many world class stars, the club from the French capital has supporters from every corner of the globe. If you are on the hunt for a wonderful camp for your child, whether it is in summer 2024 or some other time, then the PSG camp is sure to make them very, very happy.

What makes this camp exceptional?

  • Two different versions of the camp are on offer: 7 days for French speaking players and 14 days for players from all around the globe. In this time, your child will step into the boots of a professional footballer and live just like them, with 20 or 30 hours of training sessions.
  • Each camper receives a Nike training kit in PSG colours at the beginning of the camp
  • For the international sessions, visiting both Paris and Disneyland Paris is on the schedule: your child will have the chance to admire Paris’ most beautiful monuments as well as experience the thrills of one of the world’s best theme parks
  • If possible, there will also be a tour of PSG’s legendary stadium: the Parc des Princes

Camp Characteristics:

  • When: during all the school holidays (Autumn, Christmas, Easter and Summer)
  • Length: 2 weeks (one week for the French version)
  • Modality: Half board and full board both available
  • Age: For 8 to 17 year olds
  • Level: any and all levels
  • Accessibility: For girls and boys
  • Location: the CDFAS (Departmental Center of Training and Sports Animation) in Eaubonne, near Paris

Interested in this camp? Find out more about the PSG soccer camp

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TOP 3 – PSG ACADEMY soccer camp – MIAMI


Is a Paris Saint Germain soccer camp in the United States the perfect dream getaway for your child? Do they dream of sporting the same jersey as their favorite soccer heroes? Are you excited for them to enjoy a week of training like Mbappe, Dembele, or Donnarumma? Do you want them to have an amazing experience at an outstanding campus located in the lively city of Miami?

What makes this camp exceptional?

  • Concentrate on honing every part of their skills, covering ball handling, passing, shooting, and positioning.
  • For goalkeepers, there’s a special program designed just for them.
  • Experience daily training sessions hosted at the renowned 7,000-seat Tropical Park Stadium.

Camp characteristics:

  • Languages: English & French
  • When: July
  • Length: 1 or 2 week
  • Modality: Half board and full board both available
  • Age: For 10 to 18 year olds
  • Level: High level
  • Accessibility: For girls and boys
  • Location: in Miami, USA

Interested in this summer soccer camps in Miami? Discover the details on this page : soccer camp PSG ACADEMY.

TOP 4 – The Manchester City soccer camp

Since winning their first Premier League title, Manchester City have managed to establish themselves as one of the best clubs in England and therefore the world.

Historically, Manchester was always red because of Manchester United. However, thanks to signing some of the best players in the world and having some of the best managers, the Citizens have dominated and some would now consider Manchester to be sky blue!

What makes this camp exceptional?

  • The camp takes place within the Etihad Campus, the training centre that the different City teams use (including the professional men’s team)
  • Tour of the Etihad Stadium, where the English club lifted the Premier League for the very first time (and a few times after that)
  • If you are interested in getting English lessons for your child at the same time, the club offers an option for language classes

Camp characteristics:

  • When: exclusively during summer
  • Length: 1 week, or 12 or 14 days (depending on your selections)
  • Modality: Full board only
  • Age: For 9 to 17 year olds
  • Level: all levels
  • Accessibility: For girls and boys
  • Location: Etihad Campus (the Citizens’ official training centre)

Interested in this camp? Find out more about the Manchester City soccer camp

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TOP 5 – The Arsenal FC Soccer camp – England

Camp foot arsenal angleterre.

Give your child the chance to join a training program at Oundle School, situated just outside of London and partnered with the Premier League team Arsenal. This program includes 30 hours of soccer training split into morning and afternoon sessions of 3 hours each. It’s perfect for improving technical skills, physical fitness, and tactical understanding, allowing kids to learn the same playing style and approach as the Arsenal professionals.


  • Choose the Arsenal FC soccer camps program carefully designed by the Technical Director in charge of development.
  • Your kids will get the chance to practice on real grass soccer fields and smaller pitches, guaranteeing a diverse and thorough training session.

Camp Characteristics:

  • Languages: English
  • When: exclusively during the summer
  • Length: 1 or 2 week
  • Modality: Full board only
  • Age: For 12 to 17 year olds
  • Level: all skill levels
  • Accessibility: For girls and boys
  • Location: Several locations, near London

Interested in this soccer camps for the summer? Discover on this page the details : soccer camp Arsenal FC.

TOP 6 – The Atlético Madrid Soccer camp – Spain

Stage Foot Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid offers specialized camps designed specifically for boys aged 12 to 19. These camps are dedicated solely to soccer and are led by coaches who have received training and follow methods approved by Atletico Madrid. While open to all, this camp is particularly recommended for experienced players due to the intense training sessions, which closely resemble those of the Atletico professional team.


  • Discover a training program crafted to deliver top-notch performance.
  • Enjoy the use of four natural grass fields, creating an ideal setting for training.
  • Take home a completion certificate and a training kit, ensuring participants depart the camp with valuable skills and resources.

Camp Characteristics:

  • Languages: English & Spain
  • When: July
  • Length: 1 week
  • Modality: Full board only
  • Age: For 12 to 19 year olds
  • Level: High level
  • Accessibility: For boys only
  • Location: Palencia, Spain

Interested in this summer soccer camps? Discover on this page the details : soccer camp Atletico Madrid.

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TOP 7 – AC Milan Soccer camp – Italy

If you were enchanted by the Milan dynasty in your younger years and want to share that excitement with your child, AC Milan, the famous red and black team, offers a special chance to give your child an unforgettable summer camp experience in Italy. Explore the country’s beauty during the summer while immersing yourself in the footsteps of legends like Maldini, Van Basten, Kaka, Pirlo, Ibrahimovic, and many other stars who have played on the iconic San Siro field.


  • Experience the stunning scenery of a beachside location, with gorgeous beaches and a wide range of sunny activities to enjoy.
  • Take advantage of a training approach aligned with the AC Milan academy’s principles, guaranteeing holistic skill enhancement.
  • Get valuable guidance and mentorship from supervisors associated with AC Milan, offering expert insights and knowledge.
  • Every participant will receive an AC Milan Academy kit from PUMA, sponsored by Fly Emirates, ensuring they’re fully prepared for the camp adventure.


  • Languages: English, Italian
  • When: Summer only
  • Length: 1 or 2 week
  • Modality: Full board or half board
  • Age: For 8 to 16 year olds
  • Level: High level
  • Accessibility: Boys only
  • Location: Several locations, near Milan

Interested in this summer soccer camps? Discover the details of : soccer camp AC Milan.

TOP 8 – Rangers Soccer camp – Scotland

Camp été Rangers FC

If your child loves soccer, they probably understand the importance of iconic teams like the Rangers in Scotland. The club’s passion is known worldwide, and spending time in Scotland will let your child experience firsthand the incredible enthusiasm surrounding this Scottish powerhouse.


  • Participate in intense training sessions led by coaches from the Rangers Academy, guaranteeing all-around skill improvement.
  • Take advantage of a top-notch facility created to accelerate your development and enhance performance.
  • Get specialized training customized to your position on the field, enabling focused improvement and fine-tuning of skills.


  • Languages: English
  • When: April & Summer
  • Length: 1 or 2 week
  • Modality: Full board only
  • Age: For 10 to 15 year olds
  • Level: High level
  • Accessibility: Accessible to both girls and boys
  • Location: Largs, Scotland

Interested in this summer soccer camp? Discover on this page the details of the Rangers camp in Scotland.

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Camp foot été Chelsea

If you want your child to experience training like the pros at Chelsea, then this camp is ideal! Created by coaches from the Chelsea FC Foundation, the program follows the same methods used by the professional team.

This camp offers challenging training sessions and customized workshops designed to improve on-field skills and performance.


  • Enjoy camps hosted at one of the top private schools in Great Britain.
  • Utilize top-tier sports facilities, including a visit to the training center of a professional team.
  • Explore London during a trip, with visits to famous sites like Stamford Bridge stadium and a tour of the historic Portsmouth dockyard.


  • Languages: English
  • When: Summer only
  • Length: 1 or 2 week
  • Modality: Full board only
  • Age: For 13 to 19 year olds
  • Level: High level
  • Accessibility: For girls only and boys only
  • Location: Several locations, near London

Interested in this summer soccer camps? Discover on this page the details of soccer camp Chelsea FC.

Give your child the holiday of their dreams

As you now know, most of the biggest professional clubs now organise a soccer camp so that kids and teenagers can have unforgettable experiences based around their favourite sport. Careful though, the camps are not equivalent, which is why the teams at Looking For Soccer created this list of the best soccer camps for summer 2024.

Participating in a summer soccer camp can offer numerous benefits for your child. Not only does it provide them with an opportunity to stay active and engaged during the summer months, but it also allows them to develop essential skills both on and off the field. These camps often focus on improving technical abilities such as dribbling, passing, and shooting, while also emphasizing teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship. Additionally, attending a soccer camp can help boost confidence and self-esteem as children challenge themselves and achieve new milestones. Beyond the physical aspects, these camps foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging among participants, as they bond over their shared love for the game. Overall, enrolling your child in a summer soccer camp can be a rewarding experience that not only enhances their soccer skills but also promotes personal growth and development.

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Furthermore, we have also made these lists for the best soccer camps for girls, for goalkeepers, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact our team so that they can help you book the soccer camp perfectly suited to your child.   

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