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TOP 11 Best soccer camps for Children 2024

Is your child a massive soccer fan? Are you looking for an incredible experience to keep them busy during the school holidays?

Have you considered sending them to a soccer camp, but you are reluctant because you know nothing about them? No need to panic, we are here to help you find the soccer camp that is perfectly adapted to your and your child’s needs!

In this article, firstly we will give you some advice on what you need to consider when picking a soccer camp. Then, we will unveil our list of the very best soccer camps in the world for children.

Let us guide you!

How to go about choosing a soccer camp for your child?

Whenever parents call us up for advice in choosing the right soccer camp, our answer is always the same: you first need to answer the questions below. Then, when you have your answers, you will have a decent idea of the kind of camp and maybe even the camp itself that you want to send your child to.

Indeed, hundreds and hundreds of soccer camps are organised all over the world. However, not all of them are similar in quality, and they all have different characteristics. For your child to have the holiday of their dreams, it is crucial that they feel at ease in the camp that you send them to.

Here are the questions to ask yourself.

Can my child sleep on site at the soccer camp?

As you can imagine, there are both full board and half board camps organised around the world. Some children struggle to sleep properly when away from their own beds or from their parents. Of course, the camps always have a team of supportive staff members dedicated to help your child with any difficulties sleeping. But, it is still a better idea to ask yourself the question now rather than it being an issue later. 

What language(s) does my child speak? Is he ready to travel abroad?

As we will discuss later in this article, there are soccer camps all over the world. Most of the big clubs in the world now organise these types of events. However, not all of them offer bilingual camps or host foreign children.

So, before sending your child to the camp organised by the foreign club he supports (often because they adore a particular player), make sure to check that they offer camps in the language that your child speaks. For example, if you want to send your child to France, make sure that they offer an English speaking camp or that your child speaks French. This is indispensable for properly communicating with the other players as well as the coaches and staff members.

Another point, remember that sending your child abroad means travelling long distance. Make sure that your child is happy with the idea of travelling far away from you (if you do not plan on going with them).

Will they be with other kids their age?

Another important point to consider: the age of the participants.

Sometimes, parents ask us: “My child is six years old and the camp is for seven year olds and up, that should be fine shouldn’t it?” Once again, our answer is always the same: if clubs put a maximum and minimum age, it is to make sure that all their participants are as similar as possible. This encourages cohesion and friendliness in the group, and it means that the level of soccer will be more similar among the players.

Does my child’s footballing level match the level of the camp?

In the variety of camps that exist, it is important to distinguish the different types of camps, notably leisure camps, improvement camps and intensive/high performance camps.

Parents regularly call us up to book an intensive/high performance camp for their child. Of course, it is more than legitimate for a parent to want to give the best to their child, especially if their child doesn’t stop talking about soccer and becoming a professional. However, some children are not well suited to intensive/high performance camps.

For most intensive camps, you need a minimum footballing level to participate: it’s a requirement. Some will require being signed up to a training centre or a professional soccer club’s academy, to make sure that the kids will have a similar amount of skill and experience. A level playing field is crucial for all kids to improve and develop.

So, if your child is a beginner, aim for leisure soccer camps. If they regularly play at a decent level, then the improvement camps are the perfect opportunity to improve at soccer while having fun. If your child is better than most kids his age and has already been scouted by professional clubs, then intensive camps are made for him!

What is my budget?

Last but not least, you need to ask yourself what budget you want to dedicate to this camp.

soccer camps can vary in price significantly, and there is a very wide range of prices. The cheapest start at only tens of euros (often half board camps at local clubs with local coaches) while others will cost over €2000 for two weeks.

Of course, what is offered at and during the camp usually depends on the price that you pay. Some camps offer optional language classes, while some camps include an incredible day at Disneyland Paris!

So, based on your budget, you will have access to some camps but not to others. The good news is that on Looking For Soccer, we have carefully chosen only the best soccer camps so that you can gift your child the holiday of their dreams!

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The eleven best soccer camps in the world

Now that you know how to choose THE camp that is perfect for your child, we are ready to unveil our selection of the best five best soccer camps in the world.

The first three camps are leisure/improvement camps, the right choice if you want your child to have an incredible holiday, make lots of new friends and play lots of soccer. The other two are intensive/high performance camps: ideal for kids who are already very good at soccer to become exceptional.

TOP 1 – PSG Academy Paris soccer camp – Evian Thonon les bains – France

If your child is curious about the daily routine of elite athletes like Neymar or Mbappé, then the special PSG soccer camp is an ideal option for them. This camp offers a blend of tactical and technical training sessions, along with physical and mental preparation. It’s perfect for young soccer fans seeking a glimpse into the world of professional soccer or simply looking for an unforgettable holiday experience.

What makes this soccer camp exceptional?

  • A soccer camp organized within the vibrant atmosphere of the French capital.
  • Engage in video analysis sessions aimed at refining your positioning on the pitch and enhancing your gameplay awareness.
  • Benefit from the expertise of coaches trained and certified by PSG, bringing extensive experience to help all campers improve.
  • Enjoy a week of total immersion open to girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 20, promising an unforgettable soccer journey.

Camp Characteristics:

  • Language: English and French
  • When: during all the school holidays (Autumn, Christmas, Easter and Summer)
  • Length: 1, 2 or 3 weeks
  • Modality: Half board and full board both available
  • Age: For 10 to 19 year olds
  • Level: High level
  • Accessibility: Boys only
  • Location: Evian-Les-Bains, France

Interested in this camp? Find out more about this camp on this page : the PSG soccer camp.

TOP 2 – The Manchester City soccer camp – Manchester – England

Soccer Manchester City children

If your child is a soccer enthusiast, chances are they can easily name a few players from Manchester City’s squad. With significant investments from Abu Dhabi investors, the club, commonly referred to as the Citizens, has ascended to unprecedented heights. Some of the world’s finest players now call City home, much to the chagrin of traditional giants like their fierce rivals Manchester United, as they amass an impressive collection of trophies.

Excitingly, your child has the opportunity to spend one (or two) unforgettable weeks at the official Manchester City training center, where all professional City teams hone their skills. Unlike many other clubs, Manchester City offers camps exclusively for girls and boys, ensuring that their girls’ camps receive equal attention and resources.

What makes this camp exceptional?

  • Experience top-tier training at the heart of the club’s operations.
  • Campers of all ages can choose from various skill levels, ensuring that younger participants focus on fundamental skills while older ones refine their techniques.
  • For parents seeking a balanced holiday, the option of English language classes is available, allowing children to combine learning with their soccer experience.

Camp Characteristics:

  • Language: English
  • When: exclusively during summer
  • Length: 1 week, or 12 or 14 days (depending on your selections)
  • Modality: Full board only
  • Age: For 9 to 17 year olds
  • Level: all levels
  • Accessibility: For girls and boys
  • Location: Etihad Campus (the Citizens’ official training centre)

Interested in this camp in Europe? Discover on this page the details of the Manchester City camp.

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TOP 3 – The Arsenal FC Soccer camp – England

Stage de football arsenal angleterre.

Provide your child with an opportunity to participate in a training program at Oundle School, located on the outskirts of London, affiliated with the Premier League club Arsenal. The program consists of 30 hours of soccer training, divided into morning and afternoon sessions of 3 hours each. Ideal for enhancing technical, physical, and tactical abilities, this program offers children the chance to adopt the same playing style and philosophy as the professional Arsenal team.


  • Opt for the Arsenal FC soccer camps program meticulously crafted by the Technical Director overseeing development.
  • Your children will have the opportunity to train on natural grass soccer pitches as well as on reduced-size pitches, ensuring a varied and comprehensive training experience.

Camp Characteristics:

  • Languages: English
  • When: exclusively during the summer
  • Length: 1 or 2 week
  • Modality: Full board only
  • Age: For 12 to 17 year olds
  • Level: all skill levels
  • Accessibility: For girls and boys
  • Location: Several locations, near London

Interested in this European soccer camps? Discover on this page the details : soccer camp Arsenal FC.

TOP 4 – The Atlético Madrid Soccer camps – Spain

Stages de foot Atletico de Football

Atletico Madrid provides elite-level camps exclusively tailored for boys aged 12 to 19. These camps are entirely focused on soccer, overseen by coaches who have undergone training and follow methodologies endorsed by Atletico Madrid. Although accessible to all, this camp is especially recommended for seasoned players, given the rigorous intensity of training sessions, which mirror those of the Atletico professional team.


  • Experience a training program designed for achieving top-tier performance.
  • Benefit from access to four natural grass fields, providing an optimal training environment.
  • Receive a completion certificate and a training kit, ensuring that participants leave the camp equipped with valuable skills and resources.


  • Languages: English & Spain
  • When: July
  • Length: 1 week
  • Modality: Full board only
  • Age: For 12 to 19 year olds
  • Level: High level
  • Accessibility: For boys only
  • Location: Palencia, Spain

Interested in this spanish soccer camps? Discover on this page the details : soccer camp Atletico Madrid.

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Football IMG Academy

Renowned globally and especially in the United States, the IMG Academy is a prestigious sports academy offering camps in various sports, including soccer, catering to players aged 9 to 18. Set in a high-end campus with top-notch facilities comparable to major professional clubs, the academy provides an optimal environment for skill development. With personalized sessions and position-specific training, IMG Academy’s soccer camps are designed to assist children in achieving their athletic goals.

Why is this soccer camp one of the best?

  • The IMG Academy soccer camps take place on the west coast of Florida, in the city of Bradenton, offering a picturesque seaside setting for your children.
  • The coastal location ensures a pleasant climate year-round, providing ideal conditions for your children to participate in their soccer camp.
  • Players will benefit from access to a state-of-the-art gym equipped with the latest gear, enabling them to focus on strength, conditioning, and cardio training.


  • Languages: English only
  • When: Summer only
  • Length: 1, 2 or 3 week
  • Modality: Half board and full board both available
  • Age: For 9 to 18 year olds
  • Level: All levels
  • Accessibility: For girls and boys
  • Location: in Miami, USA

Interested in this soccer camp for your child? Find out more about the IMG soccer camp.



Is a Paris Saint Germain soccer camp in the United States the ultimate dream vacation for your child? Does your child envision wearing the same jersey as their beloved soccer idols? Are you eager for them to experience a week of training akin to that of Mbappe, Dembele, or Donnarumma? Do you desire for them to have an incredible time at a remarkable campus situated in the vibrant city of Miami?

Why is this soccer camp one of the best?

  • Focus on refining every aspect of their technique, encompassing ball control, passing, shooting, and positional play.
  • For goalkeepers, there’s a specialized option tailored to their needs.
  • Enjoy daily training sessions held in the prestigious 7,000-seat Tropical Park Stadium.


  • Languages: English & French
  • When: July
  • Length: 1 or 2 week
  • Modality: Half board and full board both available
  • Age: For 10 to 18 year olds
  • Level: High level
  • Accessibility: For girls and boys
  • Location: in Miami, USA

Interested in this soccer camps in Miami? Discover the details on this page : soccer camp PSG ACADEMY.

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TOP 7 – The Liverpool FC Soccer Camp – England

Stage Performance football Liverpool

Provide your child with a unique cultural and soccer immersion experience in the heart of England! They’ll take pride in donning the iconic red colors of the renowned English club, a multiple-time winner of its national championship (Premier League), not to mention the prestigious and unparalleled Champions League triumphs.

Why should your child participate in this soccer camp?

  • Delivered by instructors from the International Academy of Liverpool FC.
  • Tailored for both genders, ensuring inclusivity and tailored learning experiences.
  • Coaches provide individualized feedback to help participants understand and analyze their soccer strengths and weaknesses.
  • Interact with young players from diverse backgrounds, providing an opportunity to explore new cultures and lifestyles.
  • Experience a fully immersive camp in an exceptional setting.

Camp characteristics:

  • Languages: English
  • When: exclusively during the summer
  • Length: 1 week
  • Modality: Full board only
  • Age: For 9 to 17 year olds
  • Level: all skill levels
  • Accessibility: For girls and boys
  • Location: Several locations, between London and Liverpool

Interested in this England soccer camp? Discover the details of the camp on this page : soccer camp Liverpool FC.



If you’re seeking to provide your child with the chance to train akin to professional Chelsea players, then this camp is the perfect fit! Developed by coaches from the Chelsea FC Foundation, the program adheres to the methodologies employed by the professional team.

This camp features rigorous training sessions and tailored workshops aimed at enhancing on-field skills and performance.


  • Experience camps held at one of Great Britain’s finest private schools.
  • Access high-level sports facilities, including a day spent at the professional team’s training center.
  • Embark on a trip to London, where they’ll visit iconic sites such as Stamford Bridge stadium, along with a tour of the historic Portsmouth dock.


  • Languages: English
  • When: Summer only
  • Length: 1 or 2 week
  • Modality: Full board only
  • Age: For 13 to 19 year olds
  • Level: High level
  • Accessibility: For girls only and boys only
  • Location: Several locations, near London

Interested in this England soccer camps? Discover on this page the details of soccer camp Chelsea FC.

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TOP 9 – Rangers Soccer camp – Scotland

Camp football Rangers

If your child has a passion for soccer, they likely appreciate the significance of legendary clubs like the Rangers in Scotland. The club’s fervor is renowned globally, and a stint in Scotland will afford your child the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exceptional passion emanating from this Scottish institution.


  • Engage in rigorous training sessions crafted by Rangers Academy coaches, ensuring comprehensive skill development.
  • Benefit from access to a high-performance center designed to facilitate rapid progression and improvement.
  • Receive specialized training tailored to your specific position on the field, allowing for targeted skill enhancement and refinement.


  • Languages: English
  • When: April & Summer
  • Length: 1 or 2 week
  • Modality: Full board only
  • Age: For 10 to 15 year olds
  • Level: High level
  • Accessibility: Accessible to both girls and boys
  • Location: Largs, Scotland

Interested in this European soccer camp? Discover on this page the details of the Rangers camp in Scotland.

TOP 10 – AC Milan Soccer camps – Italy

If you were captivated by the Milan dynasty in your youth and wish to pass on that dream to your child, AC Milan, the renowned red and black club, presents a unique opportunity to provide your child with an unforgettable camp experience in Italy. Walk in the footsteps of legends like Maldini, Van Basten, Kaka, Pirlo, Ibrahimovic, and numerous other stars who have graced the iconic San Siro pitch.


  • Enjoy the picturesque backdrop of a seaside setting, complete with beautiful beaches and a plethora of sunny activities.
  • Benefit from a training methodology established in accordance with the principles of the AC Milan academy, ensuring comprehensive skill development.
  • Receive guidance and mentorship from supervisors hailing from AC Milan, providing valuable insights and expertise.
  • Each participant will receive an AC Milan Academy kit provided by PUMA, sponsored by Fly Emirates, ensuring they’re fully equipped for the camp experience.


  • Languages: English, Italian
  • When: Summer only
  • Length: 1 or 2 week
  • Modality: Full board or half board
  • Age: For 8 to 16 year olds
  • Level: High level
  • Accessibility: Boys only
  • Location: Several locations, near Milan

Interested in this Italian soccer camps? Discover the details of : soccer camp AC Milan.

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Stages de foot West Ham

Drawing from the program and methodology of its international academy, West Ham United presents Elite soccer camps nestled in the bustling heart of London. Designed to elevate your child’s skills to new heights, this West Ham United soccer camp also acquaints them with the rigorous demands of English soccer.


  • Expert coaches from the West Ham United academy will oversee the training sessions, providing invaluable guidance and instruction.
  • The camp’s methodology mirrors that of the West Ham professional team, ensuring a comprehensive and effective training experience.
  • All facets of soccer, including technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects, are covered, ensuring holistic development and growth.


  • Languages: English
  • When: Summer only
  • Length: 1 or 2 week
  • Modality: Full board or half board
  • Age: For 10 to 17 year olds
  • Level: All levels
  • Accessibility: Accessible to both girls and boys
  • Location: London, England

Interested in this European soccer camp? Discover on this page the details of soccer camp West Ham.

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There are lots of soccer camps in the world: find the perfect camp for your child!

Discover exciting opportunities for young footballers in Europe, Spain, and England! These soccer camps offer enriching experiences where children can hone their skills, explore new methodologies, and immerse themselves fully in the world of soccer. Explore these links to learn more about the programs offered and provide your child with the chance to develop their talent on prestigious European fields.

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