What are the Best Summer of 2022 Soccer Camps ?


Dec 2020

The summer of 2022 is fast approaching, and you are still searching for the perfect soccer camp for your kid ? You would love to give your child an exceptional holiday by sending him or her to a soccer camp in the summer of 2022?

Thanks to Looking for Soccer, the go-to website for booking soccer camps across the world, you will certainly find the soccer camp that is perfectly suited to your needs. Indeed, our teams have selected the best soccer camps available in the summer of 2022.

Whatever your financial budget and wherever you would like to send your child, let yourself be guided !

What are the best soccer camps offered in the summer of 2022 ?


As a parent, you always look for the best for your children. For a few years, your kid has been bothering you so that he can go and do a soccer camp at one of the best clubs in the world. You have made up your mind and it is in the summer of 2022 that you are finally agreeing to it. But what are the best soccer camps that are offered over this period of time ? Here is the TOP 5 !

PSG soccer camp

Paris Saint Germain has concretised its position as the most influential French club in the world in recent years. Thanks to its numerous stars, the French capital’s club is now known throughout the entire world. If you are looking for one of the most enjoyable soccer camps for your kid, whether that be in the summer of 2022 or another time of year, you will be sure to make them very happy.

What makes this soccer camp exceptional ?

  • Two versions of this camp are available : 7 days in French or 14 days for young players from all over the world. During this camp, your child will live in a similar rhythm to the professional players thanks to 20 or 30 hours of training sessions
  • Each camper will be given a Nike training kit at the beginning of the camp in the PSG Academy colours
  • For international versions, a trip to Paris as well as to Disneyland Paris is planned : your child will admire Paris’ most beautiful monuments and will also experience the thrills of the magical theme park
  • If conditions allow it, the campers will also visit the home of the PSG players : the Parc des Princes

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Real Madrid soccer camp

It is no secret; Real Madrid is almost certainly the biggest club in the world. Throughout the decades, the biggest players of time have lifted trophies with the club. More recently, Madrid won three consecutive Champions Leagues, the competition that the biggest teams in Europe strive to win. To help your child get a taste of greatness, the club has developed its very own soccer camp with the following advantages.

What makes this soccer camp exceptional ?

  • Two camp possibilities : the “regular” camp and the “high performance” camp. Whatever your child’s soccer ability, they will improve while enjoying themselves.
  • Each camper will be given a Real Madrid training kit at the start of the camp. Training like a pro, sure. But with the right kit, it is the best !
  • Every camp schedule includes a visit to the legendary stadium ! Your child will be mesmerised by the tour.
  • La possibilité d’allier le sport à l’enseignement des langues anglaises et espagnoles. The chance to mix sport with learning either English or Spanish.  

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FC Barcelona soccer camp

Having spoken about the previous camp, we were almost forced to now speak about Real Madrid’s sworn enemies, FC Barcelona. For good reason, as these two clubs have been sharing the title of the Spanish league for many years. This is hardly surprising as Barcelona has not only bought but also created world class soccer players. And, just like their historical rivals, Barcelona also proposes a soccer for younger soccer players.

What makes this soccer camp exceptional ?

  • FC Barcelona  is the only club to offer parents the chance of experiencing, in part, the wonderful camp
  • 14 days ! The camp takes place over a period of 14 days which allows for a lot of progress for the campers
  • It is not one but TWO Barca Academy training kits that will be given to each player to enable them to train in the best possible conditions
  • Visit of the Camp Nou, Barcelona’s fabulous stadium
  • An entry to Port Aventura, Catalonia’s famous theme park, for maximum thrills !

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best summer soccer camp world

Manchester City soccer camp

When talking about big clubs, there is one that has only been rising in the esteem of the most fervent soccer fans in recent years: Manchester City. Until now, the English city was more famous for the historical rivals, Manchester United. However, since a few years, the Citizens has surpassed Untied thanks to the recruitment of some of the planet’s biggest stars.

What makes this soccer camp exceptional ?

  • The camp unfolds within the Etihad Campus, the training center for the various teams of the club (including the professional team).
  • Tour of the Etihad Stadium, the stadium that saw the English team lift the Premier League trophy
  • For parents who also want their kids to improve their English skills, the club offers an option language class.

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The ICEF soccer camp

The ICEF Center is renowned throughout Europe for the quality of its infrastructure and quality of life. Located in Evian, at the crossroads of Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France, the ICEF Center disposes of highly modern facilities that would embarrass even the best clubs’ training centers. You are looking for the best soccer camp of the summer of 2022, this one is hands down part of the top five.

What makes this soccer camp exceptional ?

  • Facilities worthy to be in any of the world’s best training centers
  • Coaches with UEFA certifications for highly professional training programs
  • Intense traning program, perfectly adapted to resuming sporting activity : pre-season
  • A bilingual camp : French and English
  • The enchanting setting of Evian, between mountains and lakes

Interested in this soccer camp for your kid ? Find out more about the ICEF soccer camp

best summer soccer camps

Gift your child the vacation of their dreams !

You have now most likely understood that most of the biggest clubs offer children and teenagers the unforgettable experience of a soccer camp. Careful, not all these camps are worth the money, which is why the teams from Looking Soccer compiled this selection of the best soccer camps for the summer of 2022.

You should also note that we have equally listed the best soccer camps for girls, for goalkeepers… Thanks to Looking for Soccer, you will very easily be able to find the dream vacation that you would like to give your child. Do not hesitate to contact our team to book the soccer camp that is 100% adapted to your kid.

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