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Is your son or daughter a passionate soccer fan ? Do you hear them cheering from another room when the team they support scores ? Then it is time for you to offer them a place at a Germany soccer camp !

We do not have Germany soccer camp to offer.

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Why do a Germany soccer camp ?

Germany are one of the best countries for soccer in the world. With four World Cups and three Euro victories, they are the best decorated national team in Europe, and they have had so many unbelievably talented players. Neuer, Kroos, Klose, Beckenbauer, Matthaus, these are not just world class players, they are players that revolutionised or innovated their entire position. Thomas Muller did not do that; instead he created a whole new position, the “Raumdeuter”, or space interpreter.

As well as a rich history in soccer, Germany has a rich heritage and culture. There are lots of places and cities worth visiting, and the food and drink in Germany is extremely good. If you enjoy beer or just festivals, then Oktoberfest is a must. The Bavarian costumes are amazing and everyone is in such high spirits that you are guaranteed to have a good time !

Germany, a soccer country

After an embarrassing performance at the 2000 Euros, the DFB (German Football Association) knew that something had to be done to make Germany an international power again.

To do this, it encouraged clubs to develop young players and keep them at the club as long as possible, which greatly helped Germany win the World Cup in 2014.

Germany is also a country that understands that soccer is a sport first and foremost, which is why fair play and solidarity are highly respected there.

For example, when Borussia Dortmund could not pay its players in 2004, its biggest rival, Bayern Munich, came to its aid by lending money.

In short, Germany is clearly a leading country for soccer development and there are many soccer courses available for the most passionate!

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