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About Covid-19

What are the protective measures put in place by the clubs ?

To ensure maximum security for the kids, each partner club has put in place a very strict procedure aiming to anticipate and prevent any virus to enter the group during the camps.

With legislation changing from country to country, each camp has put in place specific rules according to the standards that each national government has deemed necessary and safe.

Here is a non-exhaustive presentation of the different measures and procedures put in place by the clubs that host soccer camps :

  • All adults present at the camp must wear a facemask at all times they are not on the field.
  • Teams trained in health protocols to guarantee the most safety possible
  • Self-service distributors of hand sanitizer that are permanently available for use
  • Ensuring awareness of protective actions each camper can take through the systematic presence of posters and other displays
  • Regular disinfection of common areas as well as all door handles
  • Frequent airing of bedrooms and common areas
  • Non-soccer activities that favor social distancing, which helps limit crowds
  • Disinfection of all of the sporting equipment after each training
  • The kids will be put into groups for the entirety of the camp, and a plan will be put in place to limit where possible inter-group contact
  • Physical separation in the cantine

Some clubs will need proof of a negative PCR test from less than three days before the start of the camp to accept each kid into the camp. This will be communicated to you a few weeks before the beginning of the camp.

The Looking For Soccer team is constantly monitoring the evolution and changes of the measures put in place by the clubs, and is available for any questions you may have.

What are the conditions for cancellation linked to Covid-19 ?

Conditions for cancellation from the club

If a club cancels one of its camps, Looking For Soccer is committed to offering a solution by postponing the camp to later in the year or the next year. If you do not like this solution, Looking For Soccer is committed to reimbursing all of the sums of money that you have paid to book a place at the camp in question : in other words, a full refund.

The refund will be without any other fees and will take place in the 30 days following the cancellation of the camp that you had already booked.

Conditions for cancellation from a camper / their family

The global pandemic and the rules put in place by governing bodies can impact whether a camper can get to the camp.

To make your life easier, Looking For Soccer and its partner clubs have negotiated the most flexible cancellation conditions possible.

If you do need to cancel your child’s presence at a soccer camp, here are the necessary conditions so that 100% of the fees you have paid for booking your child’s place at the soccer camp can be refunded :

  • Closed borders stopping your child from being in the country where the camp takes place : a link to the law of the child’s country of residence showing the prohibition of travel to the country  where the camp takes place will be enough as proof
  • Country / region blacklisted by the country in which the camp takes place : a link to the law from the country blacklisting will be enough as proof
  • Obligatory quarantine in the country hosting the camp meaning that the child cannot take part in the camp at the pre-booked dates : a link to the law from the country mandating quarantines will be enough as proof
  • Child signed up to a camp but became infected with Covid-19 7 days before the beginning of the camp : a positive PCR test with the child’s exact name will be asked of you
  • Child signed up to a camp coming into close contact with a confirmed case seven days before the beginning of the camp : a PCR test of the confirmed case, an attestation that you swear on and an attestation from a doctor will be asked of you

If your cancellation is for one of the previous reasons, the teams at Looking For Soccer will apply the same policy as if the club had cancelled the camp. This means that all fees that you had already paid will be refunded in full, and the reimbursement will take place within 30 days of the cancellation.

How can I make a cancellation request ?

Have you read the previous conditions but are still concerned and want to cancel the soccer camp for your kid anyway ? Here is the process to follow to make your cancellation request.

Send an email to [email protected] detailing your case for cancellation and attach all the proof asked for above. A member of the team will take charge of your case and will answer within 24 hours of receiving your email.

The period of 30 days for the refund starts as soon as you receive confirmation of the cancellation of the camp.

We also indicate that all transport and Visa costs that you have already paid for your child to arrive at the camp will not be refunded by Looking For Soccer.

What happens if there is a positive case during the camp ?

Despite all the protections put in place to limit the spread of the virus, it is possible that a positive case will be detected at the camp.

Whether it is a participating camper or an adult, each club has put in place a specific procedure following the rules imposed by the local authorities.

Whether it is your child that has tested positive or they have simply come into contact with a positive case, the teams organising the camp will quickly contact the campers’ parents to let them know of the procedure being put in place.

For your comfort and for your kids’ comfort, the teams at Looking For Soccer will be in constant contact with the clubs, and will relay all relevant information to you.

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