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What is the price of a football camp ?

Is your child a massive football fan who loves to go play with his friends in the park or at the local pitch ? Do they have a shirt of their favourite player that they love to wear absolutely any chance they get ? Do you want to offer them a dream vacation at one of the biggest professional clubs in the world but you are not sure how much a football camp costs ? Luckily, Looking For Soccer , the go-to website for booking football camps at the most famous clubs in the world, has written the following article on the prices of football camps.

What does the price of a football camp depend on ?

Of course, there are a lot of variables that go into determining the price of a football camp. One of the biggest differences in prices of a football camp is whether it is a day camp or a residential camp, also called half board camps or full board camps. Half board camps require the kids to be dropped off and picked up everyday and therefore cost less, while residential camps provide accommodation and full catering.

On top of that, the type of camp also changes the price. There are camps with a lot of sightseeing and extra-football activities, which require entry tickets for the sights. The second type of camp is high performance, which is solely dedicated to football, and especially when the facilities are high class, these will be more expensive. Finally, there are camps with language lessons, which also bear a cost.

The least expensive camps

The very least expensive camps you will find are local camps. These will last only two or three days and will be half-board, meaning the kids will usually get at least lunch and a snack, but you will have to pick them up in the evenings and drop them off in the mornings.

Generally, these camps purely consist of football, with training sessions focusing on different objective in the morning and afternoon as well as tournaments and matches. These can be very useful for the kids to learn football, as the standard of football, facilities and coaching changes from club to club.

If you work during the day and there is a football camp near you, it is the perfect opportunity to keep your kid busy during the vacation. These camps can still be organised by big clubs such as the AC Milan camp in Luxembourg, and they will cost about 200 euros.

Middle of the range camps

While some people may think football camps are expensive, they need to remember that residential camps are all inclusive holidays, so you get what you pay for. So, if you book one of these camps, you can expect good football coaches, decent facilities, a well organised schedule and a kid who has just lived his dream when you pick them up.

All three types of camps can be in this price range, whether it be high intensity camps, leisure football camps and language classes. If it is a high intensity camp, you can expect a week of high quality coaching with very good facilities, and for your child to return with a clear idea on how to improve. If it is a leisure football camps, then you can expect the agenda to be filled with pool or beach trips, visits to local, cultural monuments and lots of fun, exciting activities. If it is a language class camp, you can expect your child to return with deepened football skills and a better grasp on whichever language they were learning.

These sorts of camp tend to span around the length of the week and tend to cost between 600 euros for the half board options and 1200 euros for the full board options. What some parents do is fly or drive to the camp with their kid, drop them off and then vacation in the same area. This allows the kid to have a fantastic time being taught by certified Paris-Saint-Germain coaches while the parents visit and explore the number one tourist destination in the world and the city of love, Paris. An unforgettable vacation for parents and kids !

The most expensive camps

The top of the range camps are quite expensive, but when considering their facilities and their quality, it makes sense. Usually, these are high performance football camps in exceptional training centers with excellent coaches. Pitchs on which professional teams play, coaches that give exceptional insight into the sport, delicious and healthy food, luxurious accommodation, and plenty of team building exercises are expected at this camp.

These camps will help your child reach the next level in their football development. They will get to see how good other players their age are and live like a professional, and they will be motivated into improving themselves through this. Often, players reach a certain level and stop improving because they are not developing their understanding of the game, but with individual feedback for all players, improving will become a lot easier.

Usually, these camps will also include a full training kit, recorded training sessions and video analysis. The price will start at approximately 2000 euros but can become more expensive depending on the camp. These are the once in a lifetime camps that will be more than just a fun week of vacation, instead they will be a week of growth as a football player and as a person for your kid.

In short

There are three main prices for a football camp which each offer and deliver different things. The cheapest camps will cost around 200 to 300 euros and will be a great chance for your child to improve their football for a few days. The next most expensive will be the opportunity to make new friends, visit some great places and learn more about football. The most expensive camps, which can cost more than 2000 euros will be a vacation that your child will never forget, as they live out their dreams of being in the shoes of a professional football player.

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