What are the best soccer camps in the USA ?


Nov 2020

Did you know that exceptional soccer camps are organised across the United States? Did you know it is possible to participate in these soccer camps in the biggest cities in the US ?

Likewise, did you know that it is possible to visit Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or Dallas all while playing soccer ? Did you know that prestigious clubs such as New York Redbull, Chicago Fire and Montreal Impact offer soccer camps throughout the whole year ?

The teams from Looking For Soccer, the go-to website to book the best soccer camps, have been interested in the best soccer camps in all of the US.

These soccer camps will provide your kids with an absolutely unforgettable experience as well as the chance to make friends  from all over the world! Keep reading to find out which are the best five soccer camps in the entire country.

What are the best soccer camps in the United States ?


Nowadays, many professional clubs offer soccer camps to kids and teenagers however some camps set themselves apart not through a club but through exceptional quality.

The Looking for Soccer teams have compiled a list of the five very best camps in the United States and explain why each camp on the list is so good.

New York Red Bull soccer camp

New York, the city that never sleeps, is a dream destination for parents and kids alike. Imagine your child packing their suitcase, getting his soccer equipment ready, hopping on a plane and landing in New York to take part in a soccer camp and living the life of a professional soccer player ! Thanks to New York Redbull and Looking for Soccer, this dream has become a reality

What makes this soccer camp exceptional ?

  • 7 days of camp allowing each participant to improve their soccer skills as well their life skills thanks to personalised teaching and coaching.
  • 9 camp venues are proposed across all of the state of New York to help with any location difficulties
  • 20 séances d’entraînement avec des coachs diplômés et spécialisés dans le développement des jeunes footballeurs. 20 training sessions with highly qualified coaches specialised in developing young footballers.
  • High quality infrastructure in each location in terms of accommodation and in terms of sporting facilities
  • A complete Adidas pack of New York Redbull kit so that your child can feel and look like his idols !

Interested in this soccer camp for your kid ? Find out more about the New York Redbull soccer camp.

Chicago Fire FC soccer camp

Everyone knows of the exquisite panorama view on the edge of the Michigan Lake. One of the first things that any camper notices is the beautiful combination of nature and civilisation.

Chicago is also home to one of MLS’ most famous clubs where World Cup Winner Bastian Schweinsteiger spent the last three years of his incredible career.

The mix of all these factors and more combine to make the Chicago Fire soccer camp one of the best in all of the United States.  

What makes this soccer camp exceptional ?

  • A recognised and established soccer philosophy is taught: Pass “Perform, Advise, Support and Serve”
  • The only camps in the US that not only offer training sessions on the field but also conference with guest speakers about various subjects such as nutrition, tactics, recovery, education and more. These conferences are an innovative way to teach and they bring a real and unique benefit to the campers
  • Les infrastructures sportives et l’hébergement sont au même endroit donc les trajets sont très limités, ce qui permet une pratique sportive allongée. The accomodation and sporting facilties are in the same place which minimises journey times and maximises playing time
  • If the camp is organised during the MLS season, each child will be able to experience the thrill of being in a Chicago Fire crowd when they get the opportunity to go to a home game.

Interested in this soccer camp for your kid ? Find out more about the Chicago Fire soccer camp.

Los Angeles Galaxy soccer camp

For several years, LA Galaxy has been establishing itself as one of the MLS’ best clubs.

Thanks to world-class players such as David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, young soccer players around the world have dreamt of wearing the iconic LA Galaxy kit.

Like most of the biggest clubs in the world, LA Galaxy also organises a soccer camp for kids and teenagers around the world.

What makes this soccer camp exceptional ?

  • 20 hours of training sessions in the Dignity Health Sports Center, the training center of the professional LA Galaxy teams with world-class infrastructure and fields
  • Highly qualified coaches with USSF certificates
  • A week in one of the most beautiful cities of the US with a guarantee of sun and beach and the chance to meet other players from around the world
  • 2 maillots des LA Galaxy sont inclus dans le stage pour que votre enfant vivent vraiment comme un joueur professionnel 2 LA Galaxy shirts are included in the price of the camp so that your child can properly experience the professional player lifestyle.

Interested in this soccer camp for your kid ? Contact us !

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FC Dallas soccer camp

FC Dallas has the best Academy out of all the MLS clubs, having helped develop some of the best players in MLS. Thanks to this, the FC Dallas soccer camp stands above all other camps in terms of player development , both technically and tactically.

FC Dallas was the springboard for many MLS players to kickstart their careers, such as Regiie Cannon, Moises Hernandez, Jesus Ferreira and Thomas Roberts.

If you are looking for a high level and intense soccer camp, then FC Dallas is an unquestionably good choice. Who knows, your child may even get scouted !

What makes this soccer camp exceptional ?

  • The players train next to the professional teams at the exceptional sporting facilities of the Toyota Center in Frisco.  
  • The staff members of the FC Dallas regularly attend the camp training sessions to potentially spot some professional quality players.
  • The training program, known as the FDC Way, was developed by the coaches of the professional team and is used in all the soccer camps.
  • The players stay in a luxurious four star hotel within the Toyota Center. They will have access to some of the most modern infrastructures and facilities in the world.

Interested in this soccer camp for your kid ? Find out more about the FC Dallas soccer camp.

Montreal Impact soccer camp

It is true that these camps take place in Canada however we could not omit them from the list. Montreal Impact has recently experienced quite a boost thanks to the fact that Arsenal legend and World Cup Winner Thierry Henry was named manager of the club in 2019.

It is the soccer camp that offers the most different expériences in a 100% soccer context. The camps are open to all and conducted by professional coaches that have interiorised the Montreal Impact philosophy.

What makes this soccer camp exceptional ?

  • Several visits throughout the week to important Montreal Impact locations: the Saputo Stadium, the Nutrilait Training Center, the IMFC shop as well as some educational outings.
  • A complete kit will be given to each child : 2 Adidas training tops, 2 pairs of Adidas shorts, 2 pairs of Adidas socks, 1 sweater, 1 wash bag and 1 Adidas bag.
  • The IMFC soccer camps are coordinated by handpicked coaches that completely understand the philosophy of the club. Specific drills and sessions are organised throughout the whole week to help each player reach the next stage in their development.
  • A 100% bilingual camp with French and English

Interested in this soccer camp for your kid ? Find out more about the Montreal Impact soccer camp

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Ready to offer your kids with the soccer camp of their dreams ?

It is obvious that parents want the absolute best for their children. The good news is that with this selection of the best soccer camps in the US, you can give them their dream holiday.

If you have any questions about one of these camps or you would like to know more about soccer camps close to your location, do not hesitate to contact the Looking for Soccer team.

We want to help you find a soccer camp that is the perfect fit for your child because after all, they do deserve the best.

Would your child prefer to train like Messi or Neymar?

Every young soccer player dreams of playing like their idols.

That is exactly why we can help you send your child to do a soccer camp at some of the biggest clubs in the world, like FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

Give your child the present of a once in a lifetime experience and find out more about our camps at the biggest and best clubs in the world.

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