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Does your child dream of doing a soccer camp in the sun ? Do you want to offer him/her a training with Spanish coaches ? Don’t hesitate any longer and book a place in one of our courses located in Malaga in an exceptional complex just a few steps from the sea.

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The quality of Spanish soccer and training is no longer in question. They are the last ones to have really changed soccer and to have had an impact on the game. They have rehabilitated the technique at the expense of physical power. They rehabilitated the intelligence of the game at the expense of size.

The best example of the quality of the game was Guardiola’s Barça and Spain in the 2010s. They won all the trophies for almost 10 years by outclassing all the teams with a game made of speed and possession without great size. The list of players who participated in this revolution is impressive, but the ambassadors are undoubtedly Xavi and Iniesta. Small players, but with a game intelligence, speed and breathtaking technique. This is why the Spanish formation has become a reference in the world.

And the consequence of this hegemony of Spanish soccer is the level that has reached La Liga with teams dominating world soccer. La Liga is not particularly the most physical league but it is the league with the greatest intelligence of play without a doubt.

With this in mind, Kids Football Event has decided to create soccer camps in which the concepts of Spanish soccer will be taught.

Fast play, possession, small-sided play, technical exercises will be on the menu of the soccer camps in Malaga. The programs are set up by Spanish coaches and these coaches will be present during the weeks of training to supervise the children.

They will be immersed in Spanish soccer for a sure progression.

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