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If your child is eager to spend their summer playing soccer and honing their skills, why not treat them to a soccer camp in Gijon? A week in an ideal setting, allowing you to explore the treasures of Spain. For any inquiries, our experts at Looking For Soccer are here to assist you promptly.

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soccer camps in Gijon: An opportunity not to be missed


Gijón, also known as Xixón in Asturian, offers an exceptional opportunity for soccer enthusiasts of all levels to have an enriching experience. Situated on the beautiful coast of Asturias in Spain, Gijón is the most populous municipality in this autonomous community, with a population of 298,450 inhabitants.

The city itself, covering an area of 181.6 km2, is nestled in the heart of the Asturian coast, providing an idyllic setting for memorable soccer camps. Whether you’re looking for an intensive program focused on skill development or a more relaxed experience centered around leisure, Gijón offers a comprehensive range of options to meet your needs.

Full-board camps provide a total immersion in the world of soccer, combining high-quality training sessions with comfortable accommodation and balanced meals. For those who prefer a more flexible option, half-board allows you to enjoy sports activities while having the freedom to explore the city and its surroundings at your own pace.

Whether you’re a girl or a boy, a goalkeeper or a field player, specialized camps are available to meet your specific needs and help you achieve your soccer goals. Whether it’s improving your technical skills, enhancing your physical fitness, or simply having fun on the field, Gijón offers an unforgettable soccer experience for all enthusiasts.


Key Times to Consider for a soccer Camp in Gijon


For an optimal experience during a soccer camp in Gijón, it is recommended to prioritize the summer period, especially during the school holidays. Summer offers the perfect conditions to fully enjoy outdoor sports activities, with warm and sunny days conducive to training and matches.

Indeed, during the summer months, Gijón enjoys an oceanic climate characterized by warm summers with a mix of sunny and cloudy days. This mild weather provides a pleasant environment for soccer players, allowing them to fully focus on their athletic development without being hindered by unfavorable weather conditions.

On the other hand, the winter months in Gijón can be somewhat cold, with more rainy and windy weather. Although the climate remains generally mild, it is worth noting that the northern cold and the Asturias region can sometimes lead to snowfall at sea level, which may affect outdoor sports activities.

Therefore, to fully enjoy all the opportunities offered by a soccer camp in Gijón, it is recommended to choose the summer period when weather conditions are most favorable and allow for optimal sports practice. It’s the perfect time to have an unforgettable experience on the field and fully enjoy everything Gijón has to offer as an exciting soccer destination.


Reasons to Offer Your Child a soccer Camp in Gijón


Providing your child with the opportunity to participate in a soccer camp in Gijón can be a rewarding decision in many ways. Firstly, it will allow them to flourish through the practice of their favorite sport in a stimulating and dynamic environment. soccer camps not only provide an environment conducive to the development of technical and tactical skills but also a unique opportunity to learn values such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.


By taking part in a camp in Gijón, your child will also have the opportunity to meet young soccerers from around the world. This cultural diversity promotes the exchange of ideas, learning of new perspectives, and the creation of lasting friendships beyond borders. These international encounters enrich your child’s experience and contribute to their personal and social development.


Moreover, Gijón is an ideal destination for soccer enthusiasts, given the country’s deep passion for the sport. The city offers a dynamic and lively environment where soccer is at the heart of the local culture. Participating in a soccer camp in Gijón will allow your child to immerse themselves in this exciting world and fully experience their passion for the game.


soccer Teams that Shine in Gijón


The main soccer team that shines in Gijón is Real Sporting de Gijón, S.A.D., also known as Sporting Gijón or simply Sporting. Founded on July 1, 1905, Sporting is a Spanish club based in Gijón, in the Principality of Asturias. Currently, they compete in Segunda División, the second division of Spanish soccer.


Nicknamed Los Rojiblancos due to their red and white striped shirts, Sporting Gijón plays their home matches at El Molinón Stadium, the oldest professional soccer stadium in Spain, in operation since at least 1908. Traditionally, their red and white shirts are accompanied by blue shorts and socks.


The most memorable moments in the club’s history date back to the 1970s and 1980s when they finished second in La Liga in the 1978-1979 season and reached the finals of the Copa del Rey in 1981 and 1982. These successes have contributed to making Sporting Gijón one of the most iconic and respected teams in Spanish soccer, allowing them to shine on the national and international stage.


For any inquiries regarding a soccer camp in Spain for your child, we recommend contacting the experts at Looking For Soccer now to find a solution tailored to your needs. Their expertise will guide you towards the best soccer camps in Spain.


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