FC Porto Soccer Camps

Are you looking for a soccer camp for your child ? Many clubs offer one during the summer.

So why not book a place at the FC Porto soccer camp ?


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Why do a soccer camp at FC Porto ?

For a whole week, your child will live like a professional soccer player. He will benefit from professional training with experienced coaches.

It is the dream chance for him to learn new methodologies all while basking in the atmosphere of the famous Portuguese club: FC Porto.

Whether it be sporting techniques, physical condition or sporting psychology, your child will be initiated thanks to great coaches.

Finally, he will meet other players who are just as passionate about soccer. they will be able to talk about the game, their motivations, their ambitions, all in vicinity of very prestigious sporting facilities.

the team of professionals of each soccer camp all the to accompany your child not just in his progression but also in his enjoyment !

Some points about FC Porto

During the soccer camp, your child will live like a high level player.

He will live this experience in a very prestigious club: FC Porto.

A soccer camp at FC Porto will allow your child not only to have a summer week in the sun but also to learn the techniques and tactics of professional players.