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The best soccer summer camps in France

If your kid is a young soccer lover, you can do something special for them by sending them to a summer camp in France. These camps are a dream to many, and once your kid gets there, he may learn much more than basic soccer skills.

Potentially increasing their chances of taking soccer as a professional career. Discover our best soccer camps in France and around the world !

What is a summer camp?

The summer soccer camp is a soccer camp that is specifically available during the summer vacation. While families go on vacations in different countries, you can delay that for a week or two to send your kid to a summer camp.

These summer camps are full board providing an overnight experience where the kids train and sleep at the club. The best part is if you are from the same city, you may also opt for the half-board summer camps, which don’t provide an overnight sleeping experience while everything stays the same.

Why summer camp France is the best for your kid

While searching for the best summer soccer camps for your kids, you will find options from several clubs worldwide. However, the French soccer clubs offer your kids the best learning and vacation experience.

Your kid gets the chance to train with highly competitive kids.

Brilliant kids from all over the world join French summer camps. As your kid trains with them, there will be a very competitive and challenging environment with a touch of enjoyment. So, your kid may learn many new things from those French soccer camps. Everyone in these camps will be genuinely passionate about the sport, which may push your kid to become the best version of themselves.

It teaches them diversity.

Joining any local soccer camp will not be a wrong decision but visiting French camps is great for teaching your kids diversity. As kids from different parts of the world will be joining some local French kids, your kid may get the chance to communicate with everyone and learn about their cultural values.

The best part is that these camps provide an optional French language training session where kids can learn the French language basics. Additionally, these camps include trips to different parts of the city to let kids learn about the local values.

Both technical and tactical advancement

French soccer summer camps are known for their quality training environment. These camps have some of the best professional coaches you may find in the whole world. These certified professional coaches help your kid improve technically and tactically.

Coaches help kids develop newer skills and polish their old ones. Most importantly, these coaches work on soft skills turning your kid into a much better soccer player.

Once in a lifetime experience

One of the best things about your kid attending the French soccer summer camps is that it will be a dream come true for them and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is because they will meet their favorite player playing at that club and train with them. The kids may get souvenirs from the club. Additionally, they may visit famous stadiums and museums along with professional club staff.

Try the best options when looking for a summer camp in France

Are you looking for the best summer camp France options? Here are the best ones that you may go for.

PSG Academy

At the PSG academy in Paris, you may find residential and international session soccer camps. These are for 9-17 old kids, mixed clubs giving your kid the best exposure. The clubs range from 5 to 13 days, depending on your selection. There will be 20 hours of professional training under qualified staff, and at the end of the camp, there will be a prize-giving closing ceremony. The best part is these clubs provide optional French language courses.


The full board camp in Montbrison is designed for kids 8-16 years old, and it is a mixed camp that lasts for 6 days with 5 nights. In this camp, your kid will get a daily training session, tactical session, and evening tournament matches to train them in real-game situations.

The camp also includes a visit to their Geoffroy Guichard camp. Apart from these, it includes leisure and personal improvement activities and French language classes.


ICEF is situated in Evian-Les-Bains, and it makes the perfect choice for your kids if you want them to train under coaches with the highest UEFA certifications. If you want to give your kid an experience of high-level competitive soccer at their level, ICEF is the camp to choose.

The camp lasts 6 days with 5 nights and is only for 12-18-year-old boys. While it includes intensive training with UEFA coaches, there are 2 physical training sessions.

Foot Breizh Academie

Located in Lorient, this mixed camp is for 6 days with 5 nights, and every player from 9-16 years old can participate. As a residential camp, it includes more than 20 hours of training sessions under professional UEFA youth coaches under A & B licenses.

Apart from the residence camps, it also offers half-board camps for parents in Lorient. Going for this camp will be an amazing choice as your whole family can plan a vacation to Lorient, France.

Find the best soccer camps in France here

If you are looking for the best soccer camp in France for your kids’ summer vacation, then you are at the right place. Here you may find some of the best options for your kid. With differences in the duration, age limits, full board, half board, etc., you can find the best one for them. To give them an even better experience, ask them about all the options and the decision will be much easier.

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