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Soccer Camp Dewitt Clinton Park – FFF Academy

  • The Hamptons - New York, USA
  • from 550 $

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France’s national soccer team have some of the very best players in the world in each position, such as Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappe and Antione Griezmann. They are shining examples of French youth development throughout the world. Youth players’ development is managed by the FFF (Féderation Française de Football). The FFF is in charge of amateur soccer in France, the French national teams and training coaches and managers. It is the FFF that designs the methodology that the youth teams will follow in order to grow as players and access the professional world of soccer.

FFF has decided to export this internationally recognised and respected methodology to New York by starting the FFF Academy New York. The same excellent methodology that has produced some of the greatest players in history. France produces more most professional players every year than any other country in the world. FFF and INF Clairefontaine (the national training centre for youth players) are responsible for this high quality development and production, and now, New Yorkers can make the most of it.

The FFF chose Mr Jean-Claude Lafargue as the Technical Director of the FFF Academy New York. He has quite the CV, as he used to be the director of INF Clairefontaine. It is Mr Lafargue who has created the FFF Academy programs and he oversees their implementation. All the coaches are personally trained by Mr Lafargue to make sure they have completely assimilated the FFF methodology, on top of the qualifications they already had. Mr Lafargue is assisted by Zohair Ghenania, the ex FC Lorient manager. He has a BEPF diploma, and has been the Academy FFF director for a year.

The FFF camps take place in Bridgehampton School, an incredible setting in the Hamptons. The campers will train on natural grass pitches in the school located in the small town of Bridgehampton in the Hamptons.

Do you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn? You might then be interested to learn about the FFF Academy’s other locations nearer to you:

  • FFF Academy soccer camp – Brooklyn
  • FFF Academy soccer camp – Manhattan

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  • 12nd to 16th August 2024  (550 $)
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The available camps

From 550$

Half-board - Mixed

  • Dewitt Clinton Park - New York, USA
  • 4 to 17 year olds
  • Girl / Boy
  • 5 days
  • Day camp
  • Leisure / Improvement
  • French / English

Camp specifics

  • 5 day FFF camp
  • More than 20 hours of training sessions
  • Focused training sessions in the morning and matches in the afternoon
  • 1 Nike FFF Academy kit for every camper (shirt, shorts, socks…)
  • End of camp graduation ceremony
Find out the dates available for this camp
Summer 2024
12nd to 16th August 2024
5 days Available
550 $
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Camp facilities

The essentials

  • An authentic FFF soccer camp with a personalised kit
  • 25 hours of training a week
  • The official “FFF” methodology courtesy of FFF’s technical director
  • Natural grass pitches at the Bridgehampton School


DeWitt Clinton Park is a green space located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. The park is a popular spot for residents and visitors of all ages. It offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city with its vast lawns, shaded trees, and winding paths. The open spaces in the park provide plenty of opportunities for relaxation, picnics, playing frisbee, or simply enjoying the sunshine.

DeWitt Clinton Park also features sports facilities, including soccer fields.

Therefore, it makes sense to offer the FFF Academy stages there so that children can have a week full of football while parents can relax in an idyllic setting. Whether it’s for tourists or New Yorkers on the weekend, the FFF Academy welcomes you to DeWitt Clinton Park to provide a dream week for your child with football among friends all day and family time in the evenings. They will train on quality sports facilities.

For those who don’t live in this New York neighborhood, please note that there are FFF Academy stages in 2 other neighborhoods of New York as well:

  • FFF Academy football camp – Brooklyn
  • FFF Academy football camp – Manhattan

The sporting Facilities

The FFF Academy DeWitt Clinton football camp take place in DeWitt Clinton Park. As we all know, sports have a significant place in the United States, which is why many parks have top-notch sports facilities. DeWitt Clinton Park also features basketball courts and handball courts.

In terms of football, your children will train on high-quality natural grass football fields. These fields will allow for training in 11-a-side football as well as exercises on smaller fields.

Stages de foot New York

Catering and food

Kids need to bring lunch with them for FFF Academy camps. There will be a one hour lunch break every day so that the campers can eat.

There will be bottles of water available, but it would be better for each camper to bring their own water bottles, which we can of course fill up onsite.

Stage FFF New York

Safety and security

There will only be FFF Academy staff and campers on the pitches and the staff will take care of your children from the moment you drop them off to the moment you pick them up. The campers will therefore be under the supervision of professionals with experience in taking care of kids.

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The camp program


The FFF trains and develops its youth players at the INF Clairefontaine, the Blues home in France. All the players from the youth teams spend time there, and all coaches obtain their qualifications from there. Their methodology for developing French players has made France the number one producer of professional players in the world. Up to now, this methodology was exclusive to France, but the expansion to New York is an important step in the growth of the FFF.

Ex director of INF Clairefontaine, Jean-Claude Lafargue is the FFF Academy technical director. He knows exactly what the FFF’s techniques and objectives are, and has an immaculate knowledge of how French national players train and improve. That’s why it made perfect sense to appoint him as the director of the FFF Academy, to be certain that the methodology will be properly implemented at FFF Academy camps.

A training day corresponds to 6 hours on the pitch, with a 30-45 minute lunch break and a few breaks. So there are 5 effective hours of soccer per day.

The training methodology aims to increase each player’s potential with training sessions focused on specific skills and areas of soccer, to elevate each camper to the next level. One of the main goals of the camp is to prepare the campers for university. The kids will have two training sessions a day:

  • A morning session based on technical exercises like passing, shooting or dribbling, with drills based on repetition. There will also be tactical drills to develop match intelligence, positioning on the pitch and movement based around teammates and opponents.
  • Lunch will be around 11 a.m. to leave an afternoon session before leaving for 1 p.m.
  • The afternoon session will mostly be made up of matches and tournaments where the campers can apply everything they learnt in the morning. The coaches will be able to see if the kids are implementing everything they learnt or whether they need to re-emphasise some points.

On top of the soccer side of things, the FFF Academy has a very strong emphasis on human values and qualities. The coaches believe in respect, tolerance, enjoyment and commitment, and they will expect the kids to share these values.

Soccer camp FFF New York
Stage de foot New York

Coaches and coaching method

Soccer camp NYC

The FFF academy camps methodology was developed by Mr Lafargue, ex-director of the Institut National du Football en France. All the FFF Academy coaches are highly qualified and have been trained by the FFF Academy technical director. The five day training program is based on technical training drills and exercises that are then applied in matches and games. This allows the coaches to make sure that each child is assimilating and understanding the exercises properly, and that all the objectives, aims and goals of the camp are being met.

This methodology is used at Clairefontaine, which has produced some of the world’s best ever soccer players, like Mbappe, Henry or Matuidi.

Typical day

08 00
Arrival on the grounds - Training
11 00
Afternoon and evening
12 00
Training session
13 00
End of day of camp
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Practical information

What is included
  • 5 days of FFF camp
  • More than 20 hours of training
  • Focused training sessions in the mornings and matches in the afternoons
  • 1 Nike FFF Academy kit given to each camper (shirt, shorts, socks…)
  • End of camp graduation ceremony
Not included
  • Transport non-included
  • Lunch
  • Personal insurance


Campers must arrive straight at the pitches in the morning at 8AM.

The kids must be in their training kit, with their soccer boots and shin pads on. The Nike FFF Academy kit will be given to each camper when they arrive on the first day.

We equally recommend making sure your child has a cap and sun cream as it will be very sunny.


The camp finishes each day at 1PM. Parents must be on time so that they can pick up their kids.

The camp at a glance

Half-board - Mixed

Features of the camp

  • Dewitt Clinton Park - New York, USA
  • 4 to 17 year olds
  • Girl / Boy
  • Day camp
  • Improvement / Improvement
    • 5 day FFF camp
    • More than 20 hours of training sessions
    • Focused training sessions in the morning and matches in the afternoon
    • 1 Nike FFF Academy kit for every camper (shirt, shorts, socks…)
    • End of camp graduation ceremony

Available dates and price of the camp

  • 12nd to 16th August 2024

    550 $

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