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Kids who show interest in the sport don’t often get all the right opportunities to polish their skills. Even when they do, parents and coaches usually lack some important training factors to develop those kids as better players. That’s where the sleep-away soccer camps can be very beneficial. Different clubs worldwide offer sleep away camps around the year that you may choose for the best development of your kid.           

What are sleep away soccer camps?

Have you ever heard of the residential or full-board soccer camps? Well, the sleep away soccer camps are the same. These provide a unique soccer training experience for most kids as they can train during some part of the day while the rest of the day, they may work on their soft skills and enjoy some fun activities.

Some sleepaway camps provide a nearly professional experience to kids with personal training, professional coaching, and video training. Apart from working on their soccer skills, players get to work on their creativity on the field, responsibility and playing independently.

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Why should you place your kid in a sleepaway soccer camp

The debate between choosing a half-board and a sleep away soccer camp can take lots of arguments. While each camp has its benefits and demerits, below are some reasons why placing your kid in a sleep-away soccer camp instead of a half-board one will benefit them.

1.     Specialized coaches train your kids in every aspect

Sleep away soccer camps have specialized coaches with top-notch certifications. These coaches with UEFA certifications will train your kids to progress in every aspect. From dribbling to penalties, passes, and defending, coaches have specially designed training sessions to train your kid physically, tactically, and technically under special provisions.

2.     Training for specific positions available

If your kid is not getting adequate training for the position he aims to play, then the USA sleep away camps may provide the right training options. In the USA, you may find dedicated and mixed camps for the following positions:

This specialized training allows you to share passion and knowledge with fellow players for a week or two. Through learning during that period, you may become a much better version of yourself in that position on the field.

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3.     Your kids get their soft skills polished.

One of the biggest impacts of joining sleep away soccer camps in the USA is that your kid’s soft skills will be polished. Soft skills are essential for better team performance, cohesion, and communication. These training sessions and the opportunity to learn through training with players from other parts of the world will polish soft skills, including communication.

4.     Your kid may get a chance to meet their soccer idol

Every soccer club has one or a few star players that every kid may dream of meeting. So, if you select the right soccer camp for your kid in the USA, they may meet their soccer idol while staying there. For most players, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The top full-board soccer camps you may try in the United States

If you want to place your kid in a full-board soccer camp in the United States, here are some of the best options.

1.     PSG Academy

Kids that dream of joining a PSG academy can avail this chance by joining the sleep away soccer camp in Miami. This soccer camp is 11 days long, specifically for boys between 11 and 18. The PSG academy offers a rich soccer training journey with fully air-conditioned suites that your kid can get singly or share and 5 daily meals.

Training here also includes physical preparation, video analysis, and workshops with 25 weekly training hours. Your kid can also benefit from optional English language lessons.

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2.     International Development Academy

This soccer camp is in Florida, where coaches can train your kid to play with compassion while using their intelligence. Kids get an intensive soccer training experience with pushing off their limits, and the train is focused on some goals that every participant must achieve. This mixed camp is only designed to last for 1 week and provides high-level coaches with intensive training sessions for 13-19-year-olds.

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3.     New York Red Bulls

Located in New Jersey, this sleepaway soccer camp has 2 daily training sessions supervised by elite-level youth development RedBull coaches. The camp includes 4 nights at the Peddie School, and this mixed camp welcomes boys and girls from 7-15 years old.

Apart from soccer training, your kid may experience the camp’s start-of-the-art infrastructure, which is unique for most kids. This camp includes fun and recreational activities, including a live visit to a New York Red Bull game and part-taking in other sports like basketball and tennis.

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4.     Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire sleep away soccer camp in Naperville brings training opportunities for your kid with Chicago Fire staff. The camp is perfect for kids between 12 and 16 years old. Along with the training sessions with top-notch staff members, your kids enjoy several recreational and leisure activities at the campsite.

The best part is that they may meet Chicago Fire players. This camp offers a complete week of lifestyle experience for a professional player at this young age.

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5.     Dallas FC

Dallas FC sleep away soccer camp in Frisco is for 11-16 years, old boys and girls. It trains your kid for their future as professional soccer players as they train with professional coaches. Every kid takes an individual interview with the professional staff, which may teach a lot for their professional career.

Here coaches not only focus on physical training but also introduce your kid to animation and visual training for an in-depth understanding of the game.

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Find the best sleep away camps in the United States for your kids

So, you have decided to place your kid in a sleep away soccer camp. If you want to find the best sleep away soccer camps in the United States, then you can find the best options here. However, for the best experience for your kid, choose a soccer camp’s duration and other factors per their preferences.

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