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If your child is aiming to advance in soccer and you’re considering enrolling them in a camp in the Basque Country, you’re in the right place! Check out this page to discover the available camps and don’t hesitate to contact the Looking For Soccer team if you have any questions.

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The Basque Country and soccer Camps


The Basque Country is renowned for its passion for soccer and offers a multitude of options for camps in this sport. Whether for young girls or boys, aspiring goalkeepers, or those simply looking to have fun, there are camps suited to all levels and preferences.


Firstly, regarding accommodation, soccer camps in the Basque Country may be offered with full-board or half-board options. The full-board option typically includes on-site accommodation as well as all meals, providing an immersive and convenient experience for participants. The half-board option allows participants more freedom to explore local cuisine during evening meals while still benefiting from on-site accommodation.


In terms of inclusivity, soccer camps in the Basque Country are open to both girls and boys. Programs are designed to promote inclusion and offer equal opportunities to all participants, regardless of gender. Girls and boys thus have the opportunity to train together, share experiences, and progress in a stimulating and respectful environment.


For aspiring goalkeepers, specialized camps are often available, offering intensive and specific training to hone the unique skills required for this crucial position. These camps typically include exercises focused on saves, aerial play, positioning, and other technical aspects specific to goalkeepers.


Regarding the intensity of training, soccer camps in the Basque Country can vary depending on participants’ goals. Some camps are designed to be intensive, with daily training sessions, advanced tactical exercises, and video analysis to maximize player progress. Others are focused on leisure and the enjoyment of the game, offering a balance between training and recreational activities to ensure a fun and enriching experience for all participants.


When to Participate in a soccer Camp in the Basque Country?


Participating in a soccer camp in the Basque Country is an exceptional experience for young players, and choosing the right time to do so can have a significant impact on their overall experience. Without a doubt, summer proves to be the optimal time to participate in such a camp in this region.

Summer offers ideal weather conditions for outdoor soccer practice in the Basque Country. With its sunny days and pleasant temperatures, this season provides a perfect environment for training sessions and friendly matches. Participants can thus fully enjoy their time on the field without being hindered by cold or rain, promoting a more enjoyable and productive playing experience.

Additionally, summer generally corresponds to school holidays, thus offering young players more free time to fully participate in the soccer camp. They can fully dedicate themselves to their training and development without having to juggle school obligations, allowing them to make the most of their experience.

Moreover, during the summer, many clubs and sports centers organize special soccer camps with enhanced programs and additional activities. These camps may include tournaments, training sessions with professional coaches, tactical and technical workshops, as well as team-building activities. Participating in such activities during the summer provides young players with an even more comprehensive and immersive experience, contributing to their development as soccerers.

Finally, summer also offers the ideal opportunity to discover the natural beauty and culture of the Basque Country outside of training sessions. Participants can use their free time to explore the beautiful landscapes, visit historical sites, and discover the rich culture of the region, thus significantly enriching their experience.

Why Offer a soccer Camp in the Basque Country to Your Child?


Offering your child the opportunity to participate in a soccer camp in the Basque Country can be an extremely beneficial decision for several reasons:

Quality experience: The Basque Country is renowned for its passion and expertise in soccer. Offering your child the opportunity to train and play in this region will allow them to benefit from a quality experience, with modern facilities, experienced coaches, and high-level training programs.

Skills development: Participating in a soccer camp in the Basque Country will allow your child to refine their technical, tactical, and physical skills. They will have the opportunity to work on different aspects of the game, improve their dribbling technique, shooting accuracy, game vision, and much more, contributing to their development as soccer players.

Learning the soccer culture: The Basque Country is known for its unique and innovative approach to soccer, with a particular emphasis on possession play, off-the-ball movement, and individual technique. Participating in a soccer camp in this region will allow your child to learn and understand this soccer culture, enriching their experience and perspective on the game.

Building confidence and discipline: soccer is much more than just a sport. It teaches important values such as teamwork, perseverance, discipline, and leadership. By participating in a soccer camp in the Basque Country, your child will have the opportunity to strengthen these essential skills, which will have a positive impact on their self-confidence and personal development.

Meeting new people and creating lasting memories: Participating in a soccer camp is also an excellent opportunity for your child to meet new people, make friends, and create lasting memories. Shared experiences on and off the field will help strengthen social bonds and develop communication and collaboration skills.


What Are the Most Popular soccer Clubs in the Basque Country?


The Basque Country is home to several popular soccer clubs, some of which are particularly famous and influential in the region. Here are some of the most notable clubs:

Real Sociedad: Based in San Sebastián, Real Sociedad is one of the most iconic clubs in the Basque Country. Founded in 1909, the club currently competes in La Liga, the top Spanish division, and has won several national titles over the years. Its stadium, the Anoeta Stadium, is an iconic venue in the region’s soccer scene.

Athletic Club: Based in Bilbao, Athletic Club is another major club in the Basque Country. Founded in 1898, the club is known for its commitment to recruiting Basque players and its policy of internal development. Athletic Club also competes in La Liga and plays its home matches at the San Mamés Stadium, nicknamed the “Cathedral of soccer.”

Real Unión: Based in Irun, Real Unión is a historic club that reached its peak in the early 20th century. Founded in 1915, the club won the Copa del Rey in 1913 and 1924. Although currently playing in Segunda División B, the third Spanish division, Real Unión remains an important club in the region.

Arenas Club de Getxo: Based in Getxo, Arenas Club de Getxo is one of the oldest clubs in Spain, founded in 1909. Although currently playing in Segunda División RFEF, the fourth Spanish division, the club has a rich history and was one of the pioneers of soccer in the country.


These clubs, among others, play an important role in the soccer culture of the Basque Country and proudly represent the region on the national and international stage. With their history, passion, and commitment to soccer, they continue to inspire and captivate fans in the region.


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