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At what age can you join a school training center ?

Soccer, horse riding, tennis, rugby, athletics… If you look in the right places, there are school training centers for virtually every sport, or at least every sport that is popular enough. These can be the ideal environment for the student athletes, especially if they are well suited to the program and are motivated to do their best.

So, what ages can you join a school training center ? A team at Looking for Soccer, the go-to website for booking top quality soccer camps at the best professional centers and clubs in the world, has answered the question, and here are the results.

Typical school training centers

The ages to join and be a part of most school training centers is 15 to 18. These programs are for the end of their student’s education. Indeed, for some students, a huge part of joining is to be able to apply to any university or college in the world, and stand a very good chance of being accepted because of how strong being a student athlete makes their application.

In France, the aim is to improve as an athlete and to achieve good grades in the Baccalaureat, so starting at age 15 makes the most sense. Over in England, it is more common to join these school training centers at sixth form age, which is 16. In the USA, it tends to depend on each school training center, with 15 and 16 all being common ages.

Of course, if you feel it is the right move and the school training center agrees, then students can join at 16 or 17. Even just a year at a school academy could prove invaluable for the student’s future career, or even simply their personal fulfilment and enjoyment.

Are there school training centers for younger students ?

Yes, there are indeed school training centers dedicated to students younger than sixteen. The start of middle or secondary school is the minimum age, so from age 11 upwards, there should be a school training center available.

For kids who are already passionate about a sport and are confident that they will enjoy a school training center, then it is the perfect opportunity for them. However, if you are more uncertain about whether your child is right for a school training center, then it would be a good idea to take some time and not make a hasty decision.

A very good way of seeing whether your child is right for a school training center is to send them to a similar place for a smaller period of time. A great example is a soccer camp for a week or two. Since there are different types, you can find a soccer camp on the Looking for Soccer website that includes language lessons. With sport in the morning and lessons in the afternoon or vice versa, this can replicate the feel of a school training center quite well, and is the perfect test !

If you’re interested in to taking contact with a school training center, Looking for Soccer team can help you. Please feel free to contact us.

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