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How to do football camps despite Covid-19?

Covid-19 came into the world like a tornado and the football world was not spared. While professional football has been allowed to return in specific conditions (players and staff members systematically tested, very strict protocols within the stadiums and no fans), amateur football has known a deeper crisis, as it has been at a standstill in almost every country in the world.

Amateur football in slow motion for the Men’s teams

After being completely stopped when the pandemic arrived, amateur football has started up again very slowly. No competition is allowed during the Covid-19 period so the thousands of amateur players can only train, if that. One main part of football is physical contact, something that is banned during Covid-19, making it very difficult. In theory, the coaches, limited by the curfews, must organise technical, tactical and physical training without opposition. The management of the pandemic remains the main priority for all countries and the clubs must respect this to avoid further spreading the virus. For coaches, the task is to adapt the training sessions while still making them worthwhile for the adult players, despite the fact that in the vast majority of cases, they just have one training session a week with no games at the weekend.

No contact, no competition, a curfew making it very difficult to get to training after work and no changing rooms for over a year, the Men’s teams are struggling and it seems inevitable that the number of licensed players will go down next year.

Hope for football schools

The situation is completely different for football schools, and consequently, for football camps. Indeed, kids are used to training during the day in limited groups. Training sessions have therefore been allowed to return quite quickly despite the Coronavirus, of course with adapted sanitary measures, but their football has not significantly changed. Furthermore, they are considered non transmitters of the virus which allows countries to quickly reopen football for young players.

Tous les clubs se sont adaptés et sont maintenant capable de proposer des stages de football dans le respect des règles sanitaires. C’est un véritable bonheur pour les parents et surtout pour les enfants. Une bouffée d’oxygène de savoir qu’ils pourront passer une semaine de stage de football dans les plus grands clubs d’Europe tout en sachant que leur santé et leur sécurité sont garantis. All the clubs have adapted and are now capable of offering football camps while respecting health and safety rules. It is great news for parents, but even better news for the kids ! Knowing that they can spend a week at their dream football camp at one of the biggest clubs in Europe all while their safety and security is guaranteed is a real breath of fresh air.

The golden rules applied to all our camps during Covid-19

In 2022, most clubs offering football camps for kids have put in place sanitary procedures so as to be allowed to organise their camps all while guaranteeing the safety of the kids. To answer to the Coronavirus, the clubs put in place similar measures :

  • Daily disinfection of the material, common rooms and spaces, showers, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and sporting equipment
  • Very strict hygiene rules for both players and staff with an increase in washing and disinfecting hands in particular
  • Respect of social distance and putting in place of paths to follow when walking around the training center
  • Limiting movement outside of the training center as much as possible
  • Mandatory wearing of face masks for staff and players during extra-football activities or excursions
  • Daily temperature checks with a protocol for if an unusually high temperature is detected
  • Procedure for managing Covid-19 if detected with isolation and testing of all players and staff

These are the big measures that all our clubs will put in place in order to offer football camps in the best conditions. Of course, each club will then add to those measures when needed to guarantee the safety of your children, but these golden rules have already helped numerous football camps take place in winter and spring with no new cases of Covid-19 detected.

You will find all the details about the measures taken on this page about Covid-19.

The example of the PSG Academy during Covid-19

This summer, the Paris-Saint-Germain Academy will be organising their football camps with our partner UrbanFootball. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be rules and a strict sanitary protocol to follow. The kids will also exclusively play on outdoor pitchs. Welcoming, catering and snacks will be inside, respecting the social distance regulations and protective actions.

The idea is to allow kids to keep playing the sport they love and forget about the pandemic. To do this, the Paris-Saint-Germain Academy coaches will help each child, with no exceptions, during specific training sessions, adapted to the level of each player. It is thanks to this that PSG can organise these camps this summer despite the Coronavirus.

PSG are not alone. We are now able to guarantee you that Manchester City’s, Real Madrid’s, AC Milan’s and the ICEF’s football camps will also take place this summer and the safety of your kids will be assured.

It is now time that your kids’ dreams become a reality, and that their passion returns. Covid-19 is here, but that should not stop us from living our passions, which is why, at Looking For Soccer, we have worked hard with our partners to help your kids to relive their passion and to help them dream again.

After this difficult and complicated year, what better to offer your kid than a football camp at Manchester City’s training center, a week in Madrid or to allow them to pretend to be Neymar or Mbappe for a week ?

We therefore invite you to find out about the football camps from now as well as the dates that work for you so that you can book a unique and unforgettable for your child like :

You can also contact us directly through the “contact us” form. The Looking For Soccer team will respond to you within 24 hours.

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