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Football Camp Atlanta United

Do you love hearing your child talking about football, knowing that it is their passion ? Does it make you happy to see them exhausted from playing football all day, knowing that they loved it ? Then consider sending them to an Atlanta United football camp.

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Why do an Atlanta United football camp ?

Although it was only founded in 2014, Atlanta United is one of the most popular clubs in the MLS. Atlanta managed to win the Eastern Conference in only their second participation, an impressive achievement. In simple terms, Atlanta United is a club on the up, and it seems certain that it will continue to rise. It aims to become the biggest club in the USA and it seems on the way to succeeding.

It is also close to its fans, and has a number of traditions despite its young age. Its best tradition is certainly the Golden Spike. Before each game, all the fans and players are invited to sign a massive Golden Spike and it is then hammered into a railroad platform (in honour of its historic railroad) at the stadium while the fans chant “A-T-L !”At the end of the game, a smaller Golden Spike is awarded to the Man of the Match. Details like this and a close connection to fans is what makes a good club an excellent club.

Atalanta United, one of the fastest growing clubs in the world

Atlanta United is an extremely young club, so their achievements are very impressive. Most of this success is not due to matchday performances, but due to work on the training ground. Being technically and physically good is useful, but with no understanding of the game it is worth less than a player who perfectly understands the game. That is where the managers and coaches come in, and clearly Atlanta has been doing a good job in this department.

Moreover, Atlanta is a great place to train. The weather changes significantly throughout the year, which means that the players need to focus depending on outside conditions. Training in such a way is very efficient and helps players improve greatly.

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