Spring 2022 Soccer Camps

Does your son or daughter spend their weekends playing football with their mates or a local team ? Do they ask for their favorite’s team shirt every Christmas and birthday ? Now, you can give them something even better: a spring football camp, at one of their favorite clubs.

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Why do a spring football camp ?

As the flowers blossom around you, spring is the ideal time for your child to go abroad and do a football camp, and potentially for you to accompany them there and have your own vacation. The weather is fantastic for activities when holidaying, such as hiking, sight-seeing, swimming and whatever else you can think of. It is pleasant without being swelteringly hot, and the air is fresh and lovely.

Depending on when you go, it is likely that it will be off-season. This means cheaper flights, cheaper hotels, cheaper activities, cheaper everything ! It also means less of other tourists. Imagine yourself visiting Paris or the Alps in the spring sun while your child is having the time of their life at PSG or the ICEF  spring football camp. What could be better ?

Spring, a perfect time for football

Just like for holiday activities, spring is perfect for football. It is not overly hot, and on high quality fields like professional clubs have, the conditions are as good as they are ever going to be. One of football’s greatest strengths compared to sport is how it can be played year round, but spring is truly the best time for it.

The other advantage of the timing of this camp is that the coaches can give them advice that they can try and implement throughout the summer, when they have more free time. Drills, exercises, set-ups and ideas will be passed on to the players who want them, and this could keep them busy all summer.