Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience – Soccer Camp summer 2022 – Day camp – High performance

What could possibly be better than a soccer camp at one of the best teams in soccer history, Real Madrid ?

Are you looking for an excellent camp where players can try and emulate their heroes such as Benzema, Vinicius and Kroos? Would you like you child to be coached by experts following Carlo Ancelotti’s philosophy and methodology?

Your child’s dreams can come true at the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience. Find out all the relevant information on this page !

Villaviciosa de Odón, Spain
Boy, Girl
5 days and  nights
High performance
Day Camp
English, Spanish
9 to 17


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Soccer Camp Program

About the camp

Practical information

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This High Performance soccer camp takes place in the Spanish capital : Madrid.

  • Residence: European University of Madrid (if residential program)
  • Sporting facilities : In the city of Real Madrid in Valdebebas and on the grounds of the Villaviciosa de Odón campus.

During their stay, the participants of the course are hosted in the campus of “Villaviciosa de Odòn”. It is located about 20 kilometers west of Madrid.

The city of Madrid :

Madrid, the Spanish capital, is a tourist city with many cultural visits to make. There is of course the famous Prado museum to visit but also the Thyssen Bornemisza museum for example. Outdoors, going to the Royal Botanical Garden or visiting the Royal Palace will undoubtedly be a lovely experience.

Of course, you should not leave Madrid without going to “La Puerta del Sol”, this famous place in the city known as the “kilometer 0” of the 6 main roads of Spain.

Madrid is also known to be a shopping mecca with many stores. This is a great place to enjoy a good meal in one of the many restaurants or cafés.


Sport Facilities

Training sessions can take place in two different locations:

  • On the grounds of the Villaviciosa de Odón campus
  • In the city of Real Madrid in Valdebebas

The grounds of the Villaviciosa de Odón campus are located in the same place as the Residence and are therefore accessible on foot. There is an artificial turf field as well as a natural grass field and they will be totally dedicated to the child for this intensive soccer course. Other sports can be practiced on this campus with tennis courts or sports halls.

It is likely that part of the training will be done in Valdebebas, the city of Real Madrid located 30 minutes away by bus. Transport will of course be organized and is included.

Valdebebas is the city of Real Madrid where the professional players train, with no less than 12 fields on 1 200 000 m².


The restaurant is self-service and is located in the building that welcomes children.

Your child will receive breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner for the residential program. And for the day camp : lunch and snacks are included.

Allergies and special diets can be accommodated and will be requested from all participants prior to the start of the camp.

Chefs work daily to provide healthy and balanced meals for boys and girls. The food is varied and balanced to ensure that the children recover well to give their best on the soccer fields !


The residence is located 10 minutes walk from the grounds of Villaviciosa de Odón. The journey is on foot and is supervised by the coaches.

When the trainings take place in Valdebebas, the transportation is organized and totally supervised by the animators and coaches. Your child will therefore be in total safety!


Soccer camp program

The Real Madrid Campus Expérience “High Performance” soccer camp is dedicated to advanced players who wish to have an intensive camp as opposed to the “Experience” camp for children who play soccer as a leisure activity.

In fact, there are more hours of training and they are more intense to maximize progress and with children who are motivated here to progress quickly and reach the next level.

This soccer camp is a day camp program and also available in residential programm : Campus Experience High Performance in residential

Attention, this soccer camp is reserved for children who are members of a soccer club.

What is included

30 hours of training sessions a week
Training on the dedicated field of Villaviciosa de Odon
Training in the city of Real Madrid: Valdebebas
Coaches certified by Real Madrid
Lunch and snack
Free Real Madrid kit
Daily photo of the camp
Visit to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
Diplomas awarded


In this day camp high-performance camp the children will benefit from 30 hours of training or lessons during the week. This means an average of 5 hours per day with one session in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Methodology :

This soccer clinic includes two intensive training sessions of 1h30 per day. The first at 9:15 am, the second at 4 pm.

The coaches will always make sure that the groups are balanced in order to have a homogenous level and that each child progresses to the maximum. A theoretical course is given every day in order to tackle subjects on high-level sport.

After each training session, the children will have the right to a collective but also individual debriefing.

The methodology of this soccer clinic is unique and has been worked on for many years to guarantee excellence at the level of Real Madrid. This particularly high-performance course is enriched for children with sporting ambitions.

Theoretical courses and activities “Campus Experience” :

Every day theoretical classes will be given to the children to work on tactical aspects but also to awaken the children to the good practices of an athlete’s life: how to stretch properly? What diet? etc… To be a high level athlete, all aspects of performance must be addressed

Several times a day, “Campus Experience” activities are on the program. These take the form of fun and interactive games between boys and girls that allow them to create bonds and friendships while learning important life values: respect, discipline and teamwork for example.

After lunch, the children can go to the pool to have fun in the water.

Language class

Other Activities

Goalkeeper option :

Goalkeepers are not forgotten at the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience. It is obviously cultural since it is here that one of the world’s greatest goalkeepers was trained: Iker Casillas.

The goalkeeper option is free of charge and allows boys and girls who wish to have specific training for this very special position with dedicated coaches.

It will be necessary to mention it after the reservation of this High-Performance camp.

Typical Day

Morning :

After the parents have dropped off the children at the training field at around 9 am (or by shuttle bus), the first training will start at 9:15 am. It lasts 1h30 and is followed by a snack to regain strength, a shower and individual coaching.

At 12:00 am the children will have a theoretical class in the classroom before going to lunch at around 2:00 pm.

Afternoon :

After lunch, the children will participate in a “Campus Experience” activity before having the second training at 4pm.

After taking a shower, they will go to the pool to relax and participate in a new group activity “Campus Experience”.

At 7:15 pm it will be time to leave and be picked up by the parents or take the shuttle to the city center.

Below is an example of a typical day. The program can be adapted according to the weather and the organization of the excursions.



During the week of soccer camp, children will have the opportunity to visit the mythical Santiago Bernabeu stadium. From the changing rooms to the passageways and the edge of the field. This stadium impresses young and old. After the visit, it will be the occasion to go to the museum to admire the many titles of Real Madrid and especially all the cups of the most prestigious champions league competition.

A tour of the city is also on the program for children to discover the main squares, buildings and avenues of the capital. This is an opportunity for girls and boys to disconnect from soccer, have fun and make friends.


The employees who work each year in the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience soccer camps have been selected based on their experience in teaching, education, leisure and sports. Every year they are trained to the rigorous standards of Real Madrid, so they are perfectly able to provide quality training for the children and also good living conditions.

The coaches are all certified by Real Madrid.

Typical week

Camp organization


Parents or guardians are responsible for dropping off the children from Monday to Friday. They will have two options:

  • at 8:00 am at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium for the child to be taken by bus to the training grounds in Valdebebas.
  • at 9:00 am directly at the European University of Madrid where the training sessions take place.


Parents or persons designated to pick up the children have two possibilities to pick up the children from Monday to Friday :

  • at 7:15 pm at the European University of Madrid where the course takes place.
  • at 8:00 pm at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

The person(s) who will pick up the children each night will have to be identified during registration. For security reasons, their identity will be checked each time they pick up the children.

Practical information – transport

Please note that this course is reserved for children who are licensed in a local club. 

The address of the campus is: Calle Tajo, s/n, 28670 Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid

  • Accessible by public transportation: Yes
  • Accessible by car: Yes
  • Nearest Airport: Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport
  • Nearest stations: Madrid Station, Estacion del Arte

Additional weeks:

If you register for a two-week program, a discount is applied to the following week’s price. Please select your first week and add the extra week option.

  • Two weeks: around 1450$ (i.e the 2nd week at 965$)

prices are based on euros, it can vary according to the evolution of currencies and exchange rates


About the soccer Camp and the club

Welcome to the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience, a preparation soccer camp imbued with the methodology of Real Madrid.

For a week, the campers will live in the same conditions as professionals within a high level sport campus.

The coaching during this week will allow the players to become familiar with the Madrilenian techniques and methods. These methods have been very advantageous for the Spanish club considering that it is the team with the most European Cups and Champions Leagues in the history of both competitions.

Real Madrid’s methodology speaks for itself and is undeniably one of the best in the world thanks to the players and results it has produced and created. Players such as Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos and Isco have spent their best years at the club and players like Iker Casillas, Emilio Butragueno, Raul and Samuel Eto’o were formed at the Academy. They came to the club at a very young age and were moulded into champions and world-class players thanks to the methodology and values of Real Madrid.

The week offered by the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience is a week of perfecting soccer skills with an immersion into Spanish culture thanks to the environment and the language classes available. Mixing effort with fun, it will be an unforgettable week for all participants.

All coaches, supervisors and animators have been specifically chosen and trained by the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience.

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