Autumn 2021 Football Camps

Is your son or daughter a football fan ? Do they love playing football with their friends in their free time, and want to get better at the sport ? If so, then considering booking a place at a summer football camp, and give them the best summer vacation they have ever had.

  • Football camps - Milan AC - Contern, Luxembourg

    Contern, Luxembourg
    Boy, Girl
    7 - 17
    All levels
    Day Camp

Why do a summer football camp ?

After spending a year at school, kids deserve to be able to have an exciting summer before the next year starts again. What could possibly be more exciting for a football fan then flying to a different country to go to their favourite football club to do a football camp ? Furthermore, the summer weather is perfect for activities like sightseeing, spending time at the beach or the pool, visiting either cultural or football related sights, going to theme parks and more.

Summer holidays often have a special feel to them for youngsters. It is a period of their life where they have lots of time and lots of energy. A summer football camp is not only a fantastic way to stimulate your kids and keep them entertained, it is also likely to be their dream to play at one of the top clubs in the world.

Summer football camps, ideal for training and practising

There are several advantages to playing football in the summer. Firstly, there tend to be less injuries in the summer for several reasons. Secondly, it is easier to warm up and get going because of the temperature. While some think that it can get too hot, as long as the players keep hydrated then the heat can actually be beneficial for building resistance and developing the right muscles and body parts. On top of all that, there is of course a much smaller chance of training sessions being cancelled because of the weather !