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  • Mix of cultures and personalities
  • Unforgettable memories for your child
  • One or two weeks of intensive training
  • More than 20 hours of football
  • High qualify coaches from the biggest teams
  • Accommodation included
  • All allergies and dietary requirements are considered

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What is your biggest fear as a mother or father when sending your child to a camp?

✖️ Fear that the camp and its infrastructure might not meet your high standards?

✖️ Worry that the camp’s levels may not be appropriately adapted to your child’s needs?

✖️ Insecurity about the budget and fear of hidden fees

✖️ Worries that coaches and staff might not be adequately qualified or experienced?

✖️ Concerns that allergies and dietary requirements might not be adequately addressed?

✖️ Fear that your child won’t find friends?

✖️ Worries about cultural and language barriers?

Put these fears aside with the camps we offer! 

Our team visits every single camp personally, to make sure we offer you only the best.

Also, our prices are transparent and there are no hidden fees. Promise!  

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  • The whole process of enrolling my sons in the camp was made easy. I inquired first and they let me know when registration was open.
  • Professional and happiness - The experience was great and everything has been beautiful, the staff is very profesionnal.
  • We had a great experience with Looking For Soccer. Our daughter enrolled in the PSG soccer camp in Paris. Information was provided timely. Any questions we had were answered immediately.
  • Great experience with Looking For Soccer - The Looking For Soccer people I interacted with were very professional and provided satisfactory answers to all my questions.
  • What a wonderful experience! My son had the best time!

Why you should book a camp for your child:

  • Personal Development for Your Child: Participation in football camps boosts their self-confidence, teamwork, and social skills.
  • Athletic Improvement: Targeted training by experienced coaches helps your child significantly improve their football skills.
  • Cultural Exchange: Your children will learn about new cultures and languages, broadening their worldview.
  • Unforgettable Moments: The camps offer a great opportunity for shared and unique experiences.
  • Safety and Care: A safe and caring environment that gives you as a parent peace of mind while your child has fun and learns.

Our vision

Just like your child is dreaming of becoming a football star – so did we! 

But as youngsters, we weren’t lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend the football camps of our favorite clubs. This meant we had a dream that remained unfulfilled. 

Driven by this personal experience and our love for the game, we established Looking For Soccer with a vision to make soccer camps accessible to children worldwide. 

⚽ Our core values:

Motivation – we push each other to keep going after our goals. 

Effort – We are putting in the hard work and always giving our best. It’s about pushing our limits, staying committed, and understanding that true success comes from never giving up.

Team Spirit – This is about sticking together, trusting each other, and believing that together, we achieve more. Good communication and support are key. Like in a football team. 

Fun – Having fun is vital, both in the game and in life. We are a young team, so fun is especially important to us. 

Respect – We treat every team member, our clients and representatives of the camps with respect. It’s about playing fair, following the rules, and ensuring a friendly environment for everyone.

Humility – By being humble, we are valuing everyone’s input and are always ready to learn. 

With these values in mind, we’ve created the perfect environment for your child. 

We are happy to welcome your child to one of our camps. Promise, they will be in the best hands. ⚽

Book now and benefit from the Christmas discount!

Who are the Camps Suitable For?

Looking for Soccer is perfect for you and your child if:

  • Your child wants to specifically improve their football skills
  • You are looking for a great gift that your daughter or son will enjoy for a long time
  • You want to go on a family vacation but don’t know how to keep your children entertained

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Q: How many children are in each group ?

A: In general, groups have no more than 20 children. On some courses, the ratio is 1:15 or 1:10. Each group will have its own coach, a monitor and an assistant monitor.

The coaches will be responsible for sports training on campus, while the monitors will be in charge of daily life and leisure activities.

Q: What is the language of the camp ?

A: All the coaches speak English as well as the language of the country in which the camp takes place. 

The camps are therefore open to children from all over the world.

Q: Can I ask for my child to share a room with a friend ?

A: Of course! 

If you would like your child to share a room with a friend or family member, please let us know when you book online and at least 2 weeks before the start of the camp.

Q: My child is taking part in the camp on his own, and I’m worried about his adjustment.

A: Most participants come to the camp without their friends and family. Children attending the camp on their own will be grouped with other players of the same age who are also on their own. The first session of each camp is designed to help all individual players integrate into a team and make new friends.

Q: Do I have to give my child pocket money?

A: The programme is all-inclusive. However, there will be occasions when participants will be able to use money, for example to buy souvenirs during visits or excursions.

You can therefore give your child pocket money, but this will be entirely their responsibility.

Q: Do I need health insurance for the trip?

A: Yes, you must make sure that your health insurance covers your child in the country of the camp, as this is compulsory if you want to take part in the camp.

Q: I’m ready to book a camp. How do I proceed?

Fill in the contact form and our team will contact you with a suitable offer within 48 hours. 

→ Still got questions? Write them in the contact form and we will answer you everything you need to know

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