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Football Camp Seattle Sounders FC

Do you want your kid to have an amazing vacation that will give them lifelong memories ? Do you also want it to be active and help in their physical and social development ? Then consider sending them to a Seattle Sounders football camp.

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Why do a Seattle Sounders football camp ?

The Seattle Sounders are a phoenix club. This means that they originally competed in North American Football League but that the club failed for financial reasons, and has since been reborn. Since their rebirth, they have been one of the most successful teams in the MLS, namely with four US Open Cup victories.

An iconic part of Seattle is its skyline. Even without knowing it belongs to Seattle, most people on Earth would recognise the skyline and the Seattle Space Needle, which you can go to the top of for an unbeatable view of the city.

A great reason for visiting Seattle is the food and drink there. Beer is especially worth trying, as it is common in Seattle to combine beer with fruit juice, which is nicer than it sounds ! In terms of food, seafood stands out particularly since Seattle is a coastal city, and the seafood restaurants have extremely tasty fish and seafood.

Seattle Sounders, a club focused on winning

The top scorer of Seattle Sounders is Fredy Montero who overtook Clint Dempsey’s record after re-joining the club in 2021. Dempsey was signed from Tottenham Hotspur and became Sounders captain, performing very well in his five years at the club. Both the coaches and Dempsey will have benefitted from each other.

The Seattle Sounders also have a world class training facility, spanning over 54 acres. To win on matchdays, you need to train efficiently and well, all while being determined to improve and win. Seattle Sounders understand this, and this mentality is applied to all their football camps.

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