Autumn 2021 Soccer Camps

Are you looking for a great vacation for your kids during the fall, or autumn as the English call it ? Do you want them to have a sporty and exciting time, filled with football, group activities and cultural visits ? Then it is time to offer your daughter or son a place at an autumn football camp.

  • Soccer camps - Milan AC - Contern, Luxembourg

    Contern, Luxembourg
    Boy, Girl
    7 - 17
    3 days
    All levels
    Day Camp

Why do a fall football camp ?

After the heat and the excitement of the summer, green turns to brown and fall takes over. This is actually one of the best times to travel. Still warm in the day, it is the opportunity to visit beautiful places like Barcelona or Paris with less tourists than normal. Furthermore, some camps offer family packs, so you can join your son or daughter for the non-football activities, and visit the city on your own while they are training and playing !

Autumn is also fantastic for the weather. It has the advantage of being great for football and it is also especially good for sightseeing and photography. Sunsets are very crisp, and there is a magical feel about fall evenings. While some activities can not be done in the summer or winter, every activity can be done in the fall, and there is so much to do.

Fall, the season of the start of the football season

Although the MLS does things differently, historically in Europe, the football season always started in September, the first month of fall. Nowadays, the season starts a bit earlier in August to make sure that all the fixtures can fit, but there is still something about autumn that seems perfect for football.

The weather is ideal, never too hot or too cold to train, and players are neither drenched in sweat, nor a weird combination of hot and cold like you can get in chilly temperatures. It can rain, which is great for training in different conditions, but usually it is dry. Fall is truly the season that you can do anything, so what better to do than play football at one of the biggest and best clubs in the world ?