New York Red Bulls Soccer Camp – Day Camp – College of St Elizabeth – NJ – USA

Would you like your child to have the time of their life all the while meeting people from all over the world and seriously improving their soccer? New York Red Bull Soccer camps can offer this thanks to their fantastic facilities, their perfected program and their hand-picked coaches that are specialised in youth development with high level qualifications. Why not take this chance to give your child the holiday of a lifetime?

Morristown, United States
Boy, Girl
5 days and  nights
All levels
7 to 15

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Soccer Camp Program

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The soccer camp can easily be accessed from Route I 287 and is also located directly on the NJ Transit Morris & Essex Line at the Convent Station, so access to this camp is very easy.


The rooms are large and spacious. They are all equipped with air conditioning and wifi.

Sport Facilities

There are full sized natural grass fields as well as two entertainment areas, so the campers will be very well hosted and there is ample space for everything that the coaches and staff want to do to provide a lovely and educational holiday.




Soccer camp program

This day camp is perfect for boys and girls of all levels who want to progress technically, physically, mentally and tactically. The infrastructures to which each player will have access are of a high level. It will also be an opportunity for the children to discover one of the biggest cities in the world: New York!

What is included

2 training sessions per day
Highly qualified coaches from Elite Level RedBull Youth Development
Lunch and dinner included
Jersey and shorts Adidas
Ball et Tshirt training Adidas
1 ticket for a NewYork RedBull soccer game
Possibility to meet the players
Activities: swimming pool, tennis, basketball


Trainings are undertaken by the expert coaches and have been developed meticulously. They will include drills intended to train one particular skill such as ball control, shooting, passing or dribbling and will be taught so that the campers know why they are doing the drill and what they can do to improve in future. In the afternoon, there shall be a second training session. While the morning one will focus more on technical ability, the afternoon one will focus on tactics. Players will learn about positioning, the role they should be playing for their team depending on the formation, how to use tactics to win soccer games and much more. This can transform a good player into a great player quicker than technical training, because a player who truly understands this side of the game does not even need to be particularly technically gifted. Strikers especially can be poor soccer players, but thanks to their understanding and reading of the game, they have a knack to find themselves in the right place at the right time, and that is enough.

Language class

Other Activities

After the second session, the campers will have an hour to either rest or participate in non-soccer activities. This could include going to the beach or the swimming pool, tennis or even basketball, and are a great way to build team harmony and make sure that the kids don’t get burned out.

Typical Day

  • 8.30am: Day Camper Arrival
  • 9am-11.30am: First field session
  • 12pm-1pm: Lunch
  • 1.30pm-4pm: Second field session
  • 4pm-5pm: Non-soccer activity/Rest
  • 5pm-6.30pm: Dinner
  • 6.30pm-8.30pm: Tournament Free Play
  • 8.30pm: Day Camper Departure



Typical week

Camp organization



Practical information – transport

About the soccer Camp and the club

The New York Red Bull soccer camp is a unique opportunity for players to get advanced and specialised coaching, and to be pushed mentally, physically, technically and tactically further than they have been before.

There are not many camps that offer this in the United States, and New York Red Bull is hoping to develop players from a young age, something that is common across Europe but not yet the case in the US. This is actually part of the reason that American players perform less well on the international stage and in European leagues.

The only American players playing in top clubs in the world, such as Christian Pulisic for Chelsea, tend to have been developed in Europe rather than the US since they are more willing to develop young players, and this camp is the chance to give your child a competitive advantage over other young American players.

New York Red Bulls have shown a true desire to develop players in recent years, setting up the first cost free program in the MLS that provides a learning environment for youth players in the New York metropolitan area.

This shrewd approach to player development has already started to play dividends. The New York Red Bulls II, a reserve team set up in order to increase player development in 2015, managed to defeat Chelsea by 4 goals to 2. This was admittedly in a friendly but is still a good sign of things to come.

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