Beşiktaş Soccer Camps

Have you seen your child walk through the door with mud all over their legs, a smile on their face and a soccer ball under their arm ? Do you see how happy soccer makes them and want to spoil them ? Then it is time for you to consider sending them on a Beşiktaş soccer camp.

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Why do a Beşiktaş soccer camp ?

Beşiktaş is a sports club located in Istanbul, and the soccer part of the club is one of the three giants of Turkish soccer, along with Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe. They have won the Süper Lig, Turkey’s main league, a total of 15 times, and and the Turkish Cup 9 times. They were also the very first Turkish team to compete in the European Cup, which is called the Champions League today.

Istanbul is a fascinating place to visit. The meeting place of Europe and Asia, it is a mix of many different cultures and historically, it was the capital of four major empires : the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Latin Empire and the Byzantine Empire. Of course, at the time it was called Constantinople.

Relics of the old empires still remain, such as the house of the Ottoman Sultans, but that is not all that is worth doing in Istanbul. The Turks are well known for their hospitality, so partake in their delicious food and take in the beautiful sights of the city. If you do visit, you must also indulge in an authentic Turkish bath !

Beşiktaş, one of the Big Three

Istanbul is home to all three of the biggest clubs in Turkey. It is estimated that over 80% of the population (around 84 million) supports one of those three clubs. Indeed, it is said in Istanbul that there are two religions : Islam and soccer.

This leads to an incredibly passionate fanbase that expect a lot from their club. The derby matches are not just soccer matches : there is something sacred and deeper about them that you can only truly understanding by seeing or experiencing it. As one of the Big Three, Beşiktaş have to give their all every time they step on the field and it is a club that really cares about the game.