Switzerland Football Camps

Several football camps are organised in Switzerland for a week each year, and amateur players come and participate to improve their game and their understanding of it thanks to competent coaches.    
  • Football camps - PSG Academy - Publier, France

    Publier, France
    Boy, Girl
    13 - 17
    All levels

Why do a football camp in Switzerland ?

Doing a football camp in Switzerland is firstly the chance to live your dreams: to live like a professional football player for a week. It is also the chance to improve and progress in different areas of the sport, off the pitch and on it. Finally, it is also the chance to meet people, make friends and to share a passion for football with everyone else at these camps, all while benefitting from measured advice from the coaches throughout the camp.

Discovering Switzerland, the land of the “neutral”

Located in the middle of Europe, bordered by a variety of countries, Switzerland has developed a recognisable identity, with Bern as its capital. The majority of its borders are in the Alps et the location of Switzerland has helped it have four national languages: French, German, Italian and Romansh. Although it is small, Switzerland has several big cities, like Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne or Basel. On top of its rich and diverse culture, the country also has several big football clubs: FC Basel, FC Zurich or BSC Young Boys.