Netherlands Soccer Camps

Do you see the passion that your child has for soccer and want to give them something that will help them improve ? Do you want them to create memories they will never forget while playing soccer in Holland ? Then you should buy them a place at a Netherlands soccer camp.

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Why do a Netherlands soccer camp ?

If it was just Amsterdam, the Netherlands would still be worth visiting. A progressive city, there is so much to do, and lots of activities and places to visit that would be rarer to see in other parts of the world. Cycle from Madame Tussauds to the Amsterdam museum (or anywhere else you like), stopping to see the canal boats and windmills, and you will understand why people love Amsterdam so much.

Of course, there is a whole country outside of Amsterdam that is also worth seeing. If you are worried about Amsterdam being too crowded, then visit Utrecht instead, which has similar characteristics like canals, cobblestone alleyways and lots and lots of bikes. Rotterdam has the biggest port in Europe and Eindhoven is where GLOW, a light art festival, is organised. One vacation is hardly enough to scratch the surface of what is worth seeing in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands, a country that revolutionized soccer

Soccer was invented in England, but it was in Netherlands that soccer slowly evolved and changed into the modern game. Although other versions of it existed before, the Netherlands popularised “Total football” and Ajax went a whole season in which they won every one of their 46 games.

Total football is a system in which if a player is dragged out of position, he will swap with another player. This means that no player has a fixed position, and can instead play anywhere on the field. The system is only possible with a very talented team but when it is employed by a capable team it is almost unbeatable. Coaches in the Netherlands encourage all players to play with their feet and to know how to defend, so it is an ideal place for a soccer camp.