AS Roma Soccer Camps

Do you go to your child’s games and cheer them on as they play for their team ? Do you see how much they love playing soccer and want them to continue ? Well then, it sounds like it is time for an AS Roma soccer camp.

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Why do an AS Roma soccer camp ?

AS Roma, as you might guess from the name, are a soccer club based in Rome in Italy. They have won the Serie A, Italy’s biggest division, three times and they have won the Coppa Italia, Italy’s biggest tournament, nine times. Their nickname is “I Giallorossi”, or the Yellow Reds.

Rome, and Italy in general, has one of the richest cultures in the world. During the Renaissance, a lot of the best thinkers, painters and artists were Italian and the Roman Empire is also responsible for a lot of the architecture. This makes it a wonderful place to wander around, and there is something to visit almost anywhere.

On top of that, Rome has some of the most delicious food in the world. Even if authentic pizza and pasta made in the country it was invented by the people who care deeply about their traditions is not for you, then the delicious and creamy gelato will make you melt. Whatever it is you like, you will find it there : after all, all roads lead to Rome.

AS Roma and its sweetheart : Francesco Totti

Ask most Roma fans who the best Roma player of all time is and they will quickly answer Francesco Totti. He is their most capped player and top goal scorer, and he even has about six nicknames, namely “L’Ottavo Re di Roma”, the Eighth King of Rome. He only played for Roma in all of his senior career, and he was at the club as a player for an incredible 28 years, and was captain for 19 of them.

He has a beautiful relationship with the club and the fans, and the love that they give him, he gives back. He could whack the ball in from miles out, but his signature finish was a delicious chip, getting a lot of airtime on the ball and flying over the keeper. One of his best goals was against Inter Milan, where he ran from his half, shrugging off slide tackles and then a delightful chip for the ball to nestle in the net. Totti learnt a lot from AS Roma and should be very thankful to the club, but it is also Roma that is grateful to Totti, their best ever servant.