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1 week or 2 weeks
Availability : Autumn 2020, Spring and Summer 2021
Geneva - Swiss
Min Age : 7+

Paris Saint Germain Academy Soccer camp - Geneva

This Paris Saint Germain Academy Soccer camp is the exclusive opportunity for your child to have the footballing holiday of a lifetime in one of the most picturesque settings in the world, the Alps. 

The camp includes physical and mental preparation, individual and team focus, tactical and technical sessions all infused with PSG’s elite winning mentality. This is a unique experience that any soccer fan would adore. 

Where is the camp ?

  • Evian-les-Bains - France(Close to Geneva)

What are the strong points ?

  • High quality facilities, exceptional environment
  • Specific program for both day camp or full board camp
  • Qualified PSG coaches

Who is this camp for ?

  • Full board or Day camp
  • 7 to 20 years old
  • Boys and Girls (only day camp)
  • All level
  • French and English
  • All positions, goalkeeper available

What are the packages?

  • ICEF x PSG Academy Geneve Intensive Camps (Day Camp)
  • ICEF Intensive Competition Preparation (Boarding)

What are the packages?

ICEF x PSG Academy Geneve Intensive Camps (Day Camp)

Description :

This Day Camp is ideal for showing players what the life of a professional athlete looks like. Physical preparation is given importance alongside mental preparation, and the players are guaranteed to leave the camp with a more open approach to training and soccer. 

  • Access to all sports facilities and lounge areas
  • 2 tactical-technical training sessions per day
  • 1 physical preparation session per day
  • Physical care sessions (if necessary)
  • 1 video analysis session per day
  • 1 debriefing of the coach per day including mental preparation
  • Nike training kit (Jersey, shorts, socks, cap)
  • 5 Fresh and balanced meals prepared on-site by sports nutrition professionals (lunch only)
  • Healthy snacks
  • 24-hour surveillance and security
  • A certificate of participation and performance awards
  • Access to multiple fun activities, video games, team games
  • Access to professional laundry service

Information :

  • Day camp
  • Summer 2021
  • 5 days
  • 7 to 17 years old
  • Girls and Boys
  • Intermediate and beginner
  • 800$

Option :

  • Airport transfer

Dates :

  • Coming soon

ICEF Intensive Competition Preparation (Boarding)

Description :

This Residential Camp is perfect for competitive soccer players who want to improve all aspects of their soccer from technical and physical ability to tactical understanding to mental strength. Games are organised in which players can show off the new skills they have learnt and compete to win the most possible matches. On top of this are top class facilities, highly trained coaches and delicious and fresh meals! 

  • 6 nights in a newly renovated double bedroom with A/C
  • Unlimited access to the pro facilities and amenities provided
  • 2 training sessions / day (technical + tactical)
  • 1 physical preparation session per day
  • Physical therapy available on-site (if needed)
  • 1 video analysis session per day
  • 1 debriefing of the coach per day including mental preparation
  • Intensive competition program with friendly games
  • Nike training kit (Jersey, shorts, socks, cap)
  • 17 fresh and balanced meals prepared by sports nutrition professionals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Healthy snacks
  • 24-hour surveillance and security
  • A certificate of participation and performance awards
  • Access to multiple fun activities, video games, team games
  • Access to professional laundry service

Information :

  • Full board
  • Autumn 2020, Spring & Summer 2021
  • 7 days / 6 nights
  • 13 to 20 years old
  • Boys only
  • Intermediate and Advanced
  • 2000$

Option :

  • Airport transfer

Dates :

  • October 2020, 18 to 24 (1 week)
  • October 2020, 25 to 31 (1 week)
  • October 2020, 18 to 31 (2 weeks)
  • February 2021 07 to 13 (1 week)
  • February 2021 14 to 20 (1 week)
  • February 2021 7 to 20 (2 weeks)
  • April 2021, 11 to 17 (1 week)
  • April 2021, 18 to 24 (1 week)
  • April 2021, 11 to 24 (2 weeks)

About the camp


The Camp takes place in the Alps near Lake Geneva and the French town of Evian. The mountains are glorious and the landscape tends to take the breath away from those who have not seen them before. There is no need to worry about the altitude, as it actually helps the players develop physically and the air is extremely clean and high quality. Its transformation from the snowy winter to the sunny summer is quite incredible, looking so different between the two.

The whole camp takes place in the ICEF: the International Centre of European Football. ICEF guarantees an exclusive community on its campus and it truly is state of the art. It is a place that fosters players’ development and improvement as soccer players.


Paris Football Camp Geneva
Paris Football Camps Geneva

Sporting Facilities

The ICEF stretches over six acres of land and there are multiple 11v11 natural grass pitches as well as multiple 11v11 all-weather, artificial grass fields, including a heated turf. 

All the dressing room facilities are brand new and they are all top of the line, ideal for preparation and bonding as a team. There is a health centre on site with trained medical staff and even a physical therapist, although it is highly unlikely that any serious injury takes place during the camp with minor injuries being far more common. 

A fully equipped gym with cardio, strength and recovery areas is present in the Performance Centre. Money does not tend to be a problem for PSG and it is clear that no expense has been spared in order to provide the best sporting experience possible. 

Paris Soccer Camps Geneva
PSG Geneva


The camp’s participants will all be housed within the ICEF in double rooms that are fully equipped and furnished. High speed internet is available throughout the centre and there are multiple lounge areas with different purposes such as the media room, the video game room and the study room. 

Training kits are cleaned after every game and training session by the staff who are a team of dedicated professionals hoping to make those staying at ICEF as comfortable as possible. 

The ICEF has the ideal space, accommodation and facilities for this sort of camp because it was designed literally for this purpose. It is a microcosm of its own, where everything revolves around improving physically, technically and psychologically. 




PSG Geneve
PSG Academy Geneve


Nutrition is an essential component of physical development and recovery, and an unhealthy diet is an immovable obstacle for getting fit. The chefs are aware of this and cook fresh and organic meals to provide balanced meals that will maximise the gains of physical training as well as the development of the most important muscles for football. 

PSG Soccer Camps Geneva
PSG Camps Geneva


The camp is relatively isolated in the Swiss camps and there is no reason for anyone other than camp participants and staff to be in the ICEF. On top of this, there is 24 hour supervision and security cameras throughout the camp, so there are virtually no security doubts whatsoever. 

What is the camp schedule ?

While all PSG soccer camps around the world follow a program specifically designed to improve as a footballer, the Geneva camp takes this a step further by giving a lot of importance to off the pitch work, much more than most football camps. 

Every day will start with mental conditioning and a coach brief. Mental conditioning is the process of training your mind to modify your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs so that a winning attitude becomes second nature. Almost every top level athlete has massively impressive mental capacities, and self-belief is so important in football just to have the confidence to try unexpected things. 

Putting emphasis on this is proof of the elite mentality of PSG. Winning is the only possible goal and if mental conditioning works properly, then it will allow the players to keep pushing themselves in order to be the best they can be. 

Of course, mental conditioning is nothing without training sessions. These are conducted by by experts in player development, made available by the International Center for European Football, and official Paris Saint-Germain Academy coaches. 

The sessions aim to improve technique, fitness and strength through drills and games. The coaches have a clear idea of what each session is trying to improve which allows them to properly gauge each player’s improvement. 

There are also tactical sessions, where the players will work on positioning, teamwork and on their vision. Similarly to speed, many assume that you are either born with vision or not, but nothing could be further from the truth. Practising will certainly improve vision and sometimes players who have never been taught this improve monumentally thanks to this, becoming a different player entirely. 

Video analysis sessions also take place often. These are a newer development in football but have proven very effective for a number of teams and managers over the years who will meticulously pour over footage to see how to improve and where their team is lacking. This is the exact same logic as in this situation however with a bigger focus on the individual, although there will be analysis of team movements as well. 

It is important to point out that this camp is very football heavy. There are no theme park or cultural landmarks to visit and football is at the centre of everything that happens, which for many soccer crazy kids is the ultimate dream. 

There will still be free time for the participants to play video games, read or having fun in lounge areas as well as a selection of indoor and outdoor activities. Team building activities will also take place in order to build cohesion in the groups and hopefully the participants will form strong friendships. 

If any player has a niggle or a minor injury, time is made for physical care and preparation. All in all, this camp is targeted at 7 to 20 year-olds who adore football and would choose soccer over anything else. 


  • 7:30am Breakfast and shower
  • 08:30am Mental conditioning and coach brief
  • 09:00am Tactical / Technical training
  • 11:00am Shower and coach brief
  • 12:00pm Lunch and rest in rooms
  • 2:00pm Video Analysis or physical preparation or care / physical therapy
  • 03:00pm Tactical / Technical training
  • 04:30pm Shower and Snack
  • 05:00pm Coach brief
  • 06:00pm Video Analysis or physical preparation or care / physical therapy
  • 07:00pm Free Time (use of lounge areas, video games, outdoor and indoor activities)
  • 8:00pm Dinner and fun team building activities
  • 10:00pm Bedtime

How is the camp transport organized ?


Participants should aim to arrive on the Sunday before 5PM as the camp will begin then with kit handout and room check ins. Further information about arrival will be provided when you book the camp. 


Address : Domaine De Blonay, 74500 Publier

  • Accessible by public transport : No
  • Accessible by car: Yes

Closest airports: Geneva Airport and International Lausanne Airport

Transfer from the airport

If you are flying to the camp, a transfer from the airport can be organized for an additional cost that will be communicated to you when you ask for it. There will be staff from the camp with a recognisable sign outside of departures. In some cases a few students are transferred at the same time and other times it is individual.

What is the Paris Saint Germain Soccer Academy Geneva Camp?

The Paris Saint Germain Soccer Academy Geneva Camp, open to 7 to 17 year-olds, offers its participants the chance to undergo a week of intense preparation designed to get you ready for the season ahead and improve your technique and skills. An emphasis is also put on developing your footballing brain and the professional coaches will push you as far as possible in order to improve. 

The program and the way that the coaches teach and engage with the players has been in development at PSG for around fifty years, attempting to find the best method for creating world class players. This has definitely succeeded for many players at PSG, for both those who go through the Academy and those who come to the club early in their development. 

An example of a player going through the Academy and finding international recognition is Dan-Axel Zagadagou. He won the equivalent of the Club World Cup for youth teams as well as the French Youth Cup with PSG and he matured into a confident player in his time there. He is only twenty two now but is a regular starter for Borussia Dortmund and he has impressed fans and pundits alike in his time in Germany. 

One of PSG’s two best players currently is the 21 year old Frenchman Kyllian Mbappe. He burst onto the scene with Monaco, scoring goals against massive teams like Manchester City in the Champions League. He transferred to PSG in 2017 and his progression has been astronomical. 

He is known for his burst of pace, speed, strength, quality of dribbling and expert finishing. Although he was already a very exciting player before joining PSG, he has matured into one of the best players in the world. Other Monaco players from the same team that he was in had the same amount of potential but have faded into irrelevance whereas Kyllian Mbappe, thanks to his development by the PSG coaches, is now touted to replace Ronaldo and Messi as the best player in the world. 

A great component of this camp that many similar soccer camps do not offer is the importance given to off the pitch development. Video analysis sessions provide an amazing opportunity for the players to evaluate themselves and see how they play. This will really help them, allowing them to see what they are doing wrong and what they should be doing. 

It is similar to half-time analysis and punditry on TV and it is an area in which football has developed hugely in recent years. Some managers and coaches swear by thorough video analysis of their training sessions and their opposition’s matches to refine their systems and improve the results. 

PSG’s reputation as one of the best academies in the world and the best in France is no accident and the coaches are handpicked so that every member of the team knows exactly what they want to achieve with the players in terms of their improvement. 

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