Manchester United Football Camps

Is your child a fan of the mighty Red Devils ? Is their dream to watch their team compete at Old Trafford ? Then you can give them a present they will never, ever forget : a spot at a Manchester United football camp.

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Why do a Manchester United football camp ?

Football was invented in England, and as such, the oldest and most established clubs are also found there. Across the last century and a half that football has been played, a number of clubs have found themselves at the very top but staying there is a whole different matter. Manchester United have managed to dominate England regularly for decades and decades.

The number of unbelievably talented players that have played for the club beggars belief. Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Eric Cantona, George Best, Duncan Edwards, these players were not just at the top of their game, they were stars well beyond the world of football. Old Trafford, United’s home stadium, is very fittingly nicknamed the Theatre of Dreams. Manchester United are not just a football club, they are a pillar of excellence.

Manchester United, the best Premier League club ever

In 1992, a new first division was established in England : the Premier League. Manchester United comfortably won the first edition, and managed to retain their title as well. They went on to win 9 more, but that is not just what sets them apart. Even when they are not winning the Premier League, they are almost the main rival. Whether it is Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea or Manchester City vying to win the Premier League, it seems they always need to defeat the mighty Red Devils.

Success on such a scale in the most difficult and most competitive league in the world is no coincidence. To do a football camp at United is tasting that success and getting an idea of what you need to do to be the best, the very best.