Juventus FC Football Camps

Is your child a massive fan of the icon Cristiano Ronaldo ? Do they have their very own Ronaldo Juventus jersey and have you seen them pretending to be him in the backyard ? Then you should consider sending them on a Juventus FC football camp.

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Why do a Juventus football camp ?

Juventus is one of the biggest clubs in the world and is probably the biggest club in Italy, with only AC Milan being able to be part of the conversation. Since the start of the Serie A all the way back in 1897, Juventus Turin have won the league a sensational 36 times. This makes them the club to win their national division the most across the big five leagues.

They have also been successful in the Champions League on two occasions, with the most recent victory coming in 1996 against Ajax. Many fans have felt that it has been far too long since a club of Juve’s size has won the Champions League and it will certainly be an objective for the club in the coming years.

Turin, or Torino as the Italians call it, is a wonderful city to visit, with much history, culture and art ot explore. Just wandering around the city you will find many things to see and do, but the National Cinema Museum should definitely be on your radar. Of course, Italian food is famous worldwide, so enjoy the food, which Italians tend to be very passionate about !

Juventus, a gargantuan club

Juventus is undoubtedly a huge club, but a club is nothing without great players and great fans. Juventus have lots and lots of both. Juventus are now a global brand, and you can buy their shirt in almost any country, along with other European giants like Real Madrid and Manchester United.

In terms of great players, the list is endless. Andrea Pirlo, Gianluigi Buffon, Pavel Nedved, David Trézéguet, Zinedine Zidane, Micheal Platini, those names are recognised anywhere and they were all truly gifted players. One man represents Juventus more than any other however : Alessandro Del Piero. He is the top goalscorer for the club and has the most appearances which would be enough but on top of that, he is a true gentleman. He stuck with the club when they were relegated, and he has won many fairplay awards. Del Piero is a classy player and Juventus is a classy club.