Celtic FC Football Camps

Do you love seeing your child playing football with their friends ? Are you happy that they have found a passion that can help them develop physically and socially ? Then why not help them continue that passion by sending them to a Celtic football camp ?

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Why do a Celtic football camp ?

Celtic are one of Scotland’s two biggest clubs, fiercely supported by its fans and one of the world’s most successful teams. Indeed, Celtic are one of five teams to have over 100 trophies, as they have won the Scottish league over fifty times.

One of the other teams to have won more than 100 trophies are Rangers, Celtic’s biggest rivals. The Celtic vs Rangers rivalry is legendary, and matches South American derbies for passion. Recently, Celtic has been dominating the rivalry, as Rangers were relegated but the fight is now back on and it will be fascinating to watch.

Celtic are also the first British team to win a European trophy, winning the European Cup, or the Champions League as it would later be known, in 1967. They defeated Inter Milan in the final, and Scottish football fans are keen to remind English fans that Celtic beat any English team to lifting the famous trophy.

Celtic, a resilient and impressive club

Despite how dominant they are in the Scottish League, in recent years, Celtic have appeared as minnows against the biggest clubs like Barcelona. However, thanks to an unparalleled unity and strength shown by the Celtic players, they are still able to pull of incredible results.

In fact, their victory against Barcelona in the Champions League is one of the most famous in football history. Barcelona massively dominated Celtic in that game, understandably so. During the game, Barcelona had 89% possession to Celtic’s 11%, 23 shots to Celtic’s five, 955 passes to Celtic’s 166. However, there is only one statistic that really matters in football, and the game ended a 2-1 victory to Celtic, much to the phenomenal joy of Celtic fans.