Bayern Munich Football Camps

Does your child play football matches in the backyard with their friends ? Is their favorite team the Bavarian giants of German football ? Then why not give them some unforgettable memories with new friends from all over the world and sending them to a Bayern Munich football camp.

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Why do a Bayern Munich football camp ?

Bayern Munich are one of the pillars of greatness in European football. When Bayern Munich start playing, it seems to not even matter what players are on the field, just as long as they have the Munich jersey on. They seem to be able to dominate any team, and they do it with a composure and flair that is rare to see in any team. Moreover, the players that have played for them are some of the world’s very best : Phillip Lahm, Robert Lewandoski, Arjen Robben, Franck Ribéry, Oliver Kahn and many, many, many more.

Bayern Munich are also a club with principles, that believe in football being played and run the right way. In 2004, their biggest rivals were about to go bankrupt so Bayern loaned them money. This was not the first time Bayern helped out clubs struggling financially and it is unlikely to be the last, and it goes to prove what a great football club will do.

Bayern Munich, a highly tactical club

One thing that sets Bayern apart from the rest is their tactical prowess. The club often develops new techniques or formations and uses them to great effect. The best example of this is Thomas Müller. Müller is not particularly strong or fast or good at dribbling or seemingly most of the things that a football player needs. However, he can read the game and the space like no other player. So, Bayern let him play in a new position : the Raumdeuter, or the Interpreter of Space.

In this position, Müller’s job is to find the space and be in the right place at the right time. Most team can’t afford having such a player but thank to Bayern’ tactical prowess it is not an issue for the Bavarian team.