Italy Football Camps

Do you often look out the window and see your kid practicing keepy-uppies ? Do they often talk to you about their favourite team and favourite player ? If so, it is time for you to send them to an Italy football camp !

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Why do an Italy football camp ?

In Italy, football is an important tradition, a weekly rendezvous for everyone to watch their local teams battle it out. The biggest players are basically worshipped by their fans, like Maradona at Napoli. When he arrived at Napoli, the city of Naples was in an awful position financially and had no mayor, no structure, no schools, but the people of Naples were overjoyed because their ‘saviour’ had arrived. This is all to say that football is sacred in Italy.

Moreover, Italy is a wonderful place to visit. From skiing vacations in the Alps to relaxing holidays on Mediterranean beaches to fascinating cultural vacations in Florence, Italy has something for everyone. Italy has been a cultural capital of the world for thousands of years, ever since the Roman Empire began building cities. The weather changes year round but with good planning, it should be ideal for any vacation activity you were planning on.


Italy, a massively successful country when it comes to football

Not only are there many successful professional clubs in Italy, it is also the second most successful country in World Cup history along with Germany, having won the tournament a huge total of four times. Their most recent victory was a victory in 2006, in an extremely dramatic final against France that included a red card and that was eventually won in a penalty shoot-out !

Italian football also has a heavy emphasis on defending. Although it is not used much anymore, a system of playing called “catenaccio” was created in Italy, which focused on a tight and efficient backline, with the main purpose of stopping goalscoring chances. Italian coaches and clubs understand the importance of defending, and value it. In fact, it is very common to see Italian players celebrating a slide tackle like a goal.